The art of marketing has long been regarded as one of the most difficult spends to legitimize from a business point of view. Creating a direct correlation between a marketing campaign and any resultant increase in sales or visits to your website and online platforms is incredibly difficult. However, there are ways to get the most from these campaigns and ensure that you’re more able to track and legitimize the spending.

Holistic marketing

Holistic marketing is the process of using as many platforms as possible while ensuring that every section of the business is on board with your business marketing. Each employee should be able to share the same brand message and company story as part of this holistic marketing process. This is a great way to spread a consistent message and one of the most cost-effective ways to spread your brand message. Using your employees to spread a marketing message and buy into your brand makes sense.

Furthermore, using all platforms to market the brand ensures that you are increasing the odds of the marketing actually working to drive clients and customers in your direction.

Holistic marketing is an all-encompassing process that can be quite expensive to implement in full from the outset. Yet using the methods that you can afford to start with and using your entire workforce to spread your brand message is definitely going to be more cost-effective than most other forms of marketing.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

This is a growing form of internet advertising that is the simplest way to pay for exactly what you get. The idea is that you pay per click and only when these clicks are genuine visits to your site. The process is generally one where the clicks cost less than the possible purchase, and thus it is a cost-effective way to get visitors to your site. The advertisement is generally ranked or positioned higher on the search engine results than others and is noted as sponsored. RSM Connect provides a great explanation of the PPC process at which details how you can use this form of marketing in the construction sector. Your business should look for such specific PPC options as it is only when the advert is well-placed and professionally designed with the specific sector in mind that a PPC advert will produce the results and clicks that you are looking for. Your ads will be placed using an algorithm to ensure that they appear in the most relevant spaces and amongst relevant search results.

Social influencing

Social influencing, a marketing strategy, has been on the rise over the last few years. The process is somewhat simple in that your business will need to find and establish a relationship with a famous personality. Thus personality is then used to promote and endorse your products or services. In many cases, the social influencer relationship is best established when there is a genuine affinity for the product shown by the personality. This means that the use of the product or service is genuine, and as such, there is no false advertising. They simply say what they think of the product or service and publish/post/share and like this statement or videos showing how to use the product.

The cost-benefit of social influencing can be enormous if the social influencer is a genuine user of the product. It is then quite simple to compensate them (with the product). At the same time, other social media influencers are paid huge sums/part of the profits realized for advertising the specific products. Your business will, however, need to be mindful that the product will be forever linked with the personality, and as such, any wrongdoings on their behalf will adversely affect your brand.

Advertising on the socials can help the business to focus its efforts on a specific demographic or customer grouping, just as the social influencer will likely only speak to those that already follow them, so it is worth knowing your social media and choosing the influencer based on the target group you would like to reach.

Value-for-money advertising and marketing is what every company or business is looking for. The tips as discussed above, should be the go-to processes to get your products popularized and sold with as little outlay or expenditure as possible. They are all simple marketing processes, and ones that you should now be able to ask for by name when you approach companies for your marketing needs, and you will know exactly what you will be getting.