Whether you’re hurting for gas money, need to recover from holiday or vacation spending, or you’re just looking to pad your savings account, you likely have what you need at home. Many people overlook the value of their unused items, but as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” So what “trash” do you have lying around that might bring in some money? Here are four examples.


It’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have old phones, laptops, and other electronics lying around or in a drawer. It’s time to pull them out and make some cash. Many of these can be sold online, but if you can find a buyer there, you can also take advantage recycling services that will pay you for your old electronics.

What is ecoATM? It’s a kiosk that buys phones, tablets, MP3 players, and more on the spot. They scan your device, offer a price, and – if you accept – you walk away with cash. Interested? Search “ecoATMs near me” for a local kiosk and see how much you can make.

Music Equipment

Still have that guitar hanging around that you bought five years ago? You wanted to learn it, but life – or perhaps disinterest – got in the way. Or maybe you still have your flute or clarinet from high school. Unless you know you’re going to get to practicing your instrument, it might be time to let it go. Used guitars, drums, saxophones, and other instruments are popular items to sell at pawnshops and online.


Everything from purses and backpacks to jewelry and watches can bring in a little something. The key is finding the best place to sell them. If you have designer purses, consignment shops are great options. Off-brand purses and backpacks can usually be sold for a few bucks’ here and there on community social media platforms and at flea markets. Jewelry and watches are often accepted at pawnshops and Couture USA used Gucci handbags sold online.


It might be hard to imagine people still reading paper books these days, thanks to the ease of reading on digital devices. However, there are still many that enjoy the feeling of actually holding a text. Sites like Thriftbooks buy books to resell to the public. And if you have college textbooks to get rid of, check out Textbook Rush and Knetbooks.