You might have heard people talking about superfoods or seen a commercial for a special greens powder, which left you wondering, “What’s all the hype about?” Can a little green powder in your smoothie really make a difference to your overall health and well-being?

In this article, we’ll look at what exactly superfoods are and the benefits of adding them to your diet.

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are considered any food that has high nutritional content. It might be high in omega-3s, antioxidants or vitamins and have very few calories. Essentially, they’re powerhouse foods that won’t add inches to your waistline. 

Although many people focus on leafy greens when they think of superfoods, there are many other items that fall into this category:

  • berries
  • dark chocolate
  • salmon
  • grapes
  • spirulina
  • beets
  • and more!

Many experts recommend adding superfoods to your diet to help reduce inflammation and even manage conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, cancer and other ailments. Just remember to always consult with your doctor before making a major diet or lifestyle change.

Now let’s look at some of the top benefits of adding superfoods to your diet.

May Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

This benefit can be attributed to almost all superfoods but is most commonly discussed in relation to superfood greens. The many different nutrients and antioxidants found in leafy greens can greatly reduce the risk of inflammation, which in turn decreases the risk of developing chronic disease. 

Studies have shown that daily greens powder can help reduce oxidatively damaged proteins in the blood, reduce high blood pressure and even help protect you from cancer.

Improve Energy Levels

Although many superfoods are low in calories, they can be an excellent source of energy due to their other properties. One energy-boosting option is green tea or green tea extract. Packed with helpful minerals and natural caffeine, many people find that adding this to their diet helps them feel more energized during the day.

By replacing traditional processed or packaged snacks with superfoods, you’re also cutting out harmful chemicals and preservatives from your diet. Simply removing these substances from your diet can often result in an energy boost because your body doesn’t have to work hard to detox them during the day.

Aid in Weight Loss

Superfoods can also help you lose weight. Because many of them are low in calories, you can eat more without adding too much to your daily calorie count.

The key to weight loss with superfoods is to incorporate them into a healthy, balanced diet. You can add acai berries to your morning smoothie or leafy greens like spinach and kale to your lunchtime salad or top off the day with a fillet of salmon and steamed veggies. The key is to integrate these foods with others that also promote healthy weight loss.

Again, remember to always consult your doctor before changing your diet for weight loss.

Promote Heart Health

Inflammation is a significant contributing factor to heart disease, according to Johns Hopkins. The inflammation-fighting properties in superfoods can help to promote heart health by decreasing inflammation in the body and thus easing the amount of work the heart has to do in your body.

Some people will use superfood diets to help manage existing heart conditions but it’s often recommended to start this practice before heart issues arise. Prevention is often recommended as one of the best approaches to staying healthy and avoiding chronic or serious illness later in life.

Is It Time to Change Your Diet?

If you’re fighting low energy, suffering from chronic disease or simply not feeling like your best self, then superfoods might be the answer you’ve been looking for. When paired with a regiment prescribed by your doctor, superfoods can have significant positive health effects and keep you feeling better longer. Ask your doctor about adding superfoods to your diet to help you support your overall health and wellbeing.