One of the most important and challenging decisions for any injured employee is whether to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. Choosing the right lawyer can mean the difference between a successful claim and an unsuccessful claim, which in turn means that your quality of life will be impacted accordingly.

But why should employees even care about hiring an attorney? A workers’ compensation lawyer helps you learn more about your rights and obligations to maintain a workers’ compensation claim. 

Here are five big benefits of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer.

  • Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can reignite your claim after a denial

If you have been denied workers’ compensation, your attorney can review your claim to ensure that you were treated fairly under the provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act. This can also help you appeal a denial of benefits with assistance from your workers’ compensation attorney.

  • A workers’ compensation attorney help you improve negotiations with the insurance company

If you want to take your claim further, an attorney can help negotiate a better settlement for you. You may have a few options on how to handle your claim, but it’s wise to speak with a workers’ compensation lawyer before making your decision on whether or not to accept a settlement offer from the insurance company.

  • Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer helps you ensure that your agreement is prepared correctly

A lawyer can help ensure that your settlement contract and other documents are prepared correctly. If you have been denied benefits, having the proper paperwork in place is important. You also don’t want to enter into a settlement agreement or release agreement without reading it first.

  • Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney strengthens your chances in court

If you want to take your case to court, you will need a lawyer who can present your case to the judge or jury in the most effective way. An attorney can ensure that your side of the story is told to its fullest.

  • Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney reduces the chances of errors in the procedure

A lawyer will help you draft and submit the right paperwork, including forms and notices, which will give you a better chance at receiving prompt payments for medical costs and lost wages. You may or may not proceed past the denial stage, but by having a lawyer, you are ensuring that your procedures are done correctly and that you are fully protected under the Workers Compensation Act.