It’s becoming more and more difficult to make ends meet on one job alone, and even more advanced professionals are looking to side hustles to earn more cash. Having a financial cushion can relieve a lot of stress, but not if you’re working yourself to the bone in order to get it. Free time is valuable, so you deserve to spend it doing something you enjoy, or even love. Here are some ideas for side hustles that won’t drain your will to live.

1. Dog Walking

If you love animals, dog walking could be the perfect side hustle for you. So long as you have the right permits, equipment, and clothes you don’t mind getting ripped or dirty, you can start this job right away. There are platforms that handle payment and make it easy to connect to customers, or you can do this part on your own. You can get exercise, spend time with animals you might not get to interact with otherwise, and pay down your student loans at the same time. If you feel safe enough on your walking route, you can also pass the time listening to music or podcasts.

2. Selling Online

Starting an online shop for a hobby you already enjoy is one easy way to make some extra cash, just be careful about picking a hobby you love. Monetizing something you enjoy isn’t for everyone, and the demand for creating something without the freedom to deviate can make some people resent the very thing they loved. So long as you give yourself some room to experiment and grow, you can prevent burnout and share your art with people who appreciate it. Check out local events and fairs that offer stalls to local businesses, and you never know who you’ll connect with.

3. Graphic Design

If you have a knack for graphic design, there are many companies and individuals who might be interested in your services. You’ll have the most luck if you try to specialize. For example, if you enjoy reading, you might want to consider learning more about book cover design. There are so many resources available freely online that many of the popular designers are self-taught. It may feel limiting, but it really isn’t. Authors need covers for both ebooks and physical copies, as well as marketing materials like bookmarks, social media posts, and website banners.

4. Virtual Assistant

Just about every industry has a need that can be met by virtual assistants, and chances are you already have a lot of the experience and knowledge you need. You can always take a course or do some research to teach yourself any gaps in your resume, and many people seeking a virtual assistant are willing to train on specific tasks. You can set your own hours, list your skills, and start reaching out to working professionals to see what tasks they’d rather hand off to someone else.

5. House Sitting

House sitting could be one of the easiest side hustles, if you can get the work. Many people travel the world this way, either getting paid to watch over empty homes or house-sitting in exchange for free rent. You can enjoy amenities like pools and large televisions without doing much work at all. There’s even more money to be had if you agree to be a pet sitter at the same time. This carries a lot more responsibility, especially if the pet has special medical or dietary needs, but who doesn’t want to hang out with a dog all day and get paid for it?

It’s no fun trying to figure out where you can scrape up some extra cash, but chances are you’re already doing something that could earn you money, if only you’d charge for it. By taking some time to think about your working limitations, jobs you enjoy, and your financial goals, you can pursue a side hustle and make extra money without selling your soul.