We all know about the relevance of being healthy in our life and that is why the phrase health is wealth fits everywhere. But being healthy is a task nowadays, as we are not ready to make any effort to keep ourselves healthy. The global pandemic has taught us so far how important is hand hygiene. Hand hygiene was a very underrated task earlier but now it is a life savior. Many of us fall sick very often and then we find reasons for the same. The main reason behind this is our lack of practicing hand hygiene. You can use No scars hand sanitizer on daily basis to practice hand hygiene.

The need for hand sanitizers is so high as we cannot wash our hands everywhere. It also results in the wastage of the most essential natural resource which is water. So, it is advisable to use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands. Here are some tips to remember before using sanitizers on daily basis:

  • Let it absorb in your skin: Whenever you pour the sanitizer on your hands and then rub it on make sure it is fully absorbed in your skin. Many a time we did not even rub it enough and touch other surfaces. This will not be going to help, so make sure you let it absorb in your skin so that it can work well for your hands.
  • Too much use is not good: You need to limit the use of sanitizers and excessive use of it can harm your skin. Nowadays sanitizers are a bit moisturizing that keep your hands fresh and soft. But still, we have to make limited use of sanitizers in our routine. In possible cases try to wash your hands and as and when you cannot you can go for them.
  • Never swallow it: The sanitizers contain alcohol and many other components that make them suitable to kill germs and infections. In case you swallow the sanitizers it can be life-threatening. Let it absorb and get into your skin before you eat anything other it will come into contact with your mouth and will be very dangerous. It is also mentioned on the bottle to avoid any mishappening.
  • Keep it far from the kids: So, our kids also got so excited when they see a bottle of hand rub or sanitizers. Till the time, they are not able to understand what it is actually meant for you to have to keep it away from them. Especially for babies and toddlers as it is riskiest for them. Also, avoid using them on toddlers as their skin is quite sensitive and delicate.
  • Pour enough amount: Make use of enough quantity of sanitizer to pour on your hands to sanitize. Many of us try to pour very little of the sanitizer that does not even allow us to sanitize our hands.

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