As you continue to face challenges and grow, you may realize that you could optimize your life and body by creating new habits. Cultivating these habits often takes a deliberate effort. By taking steps to change how you live every day, you can improve your mental and physical health. Learning more about the steps to take to sustain these habits is key.

1. Notice When You Use Your Phone

When it comes to smartphones and health, too much of a good thing can lead to problems later on. If you use your cell phone a lot, you may notice an increase in eye problems and headaches since you are constantly looking at a screen. By noticing when you are bending over and looking at your phone for long periods of time, you can prevent chronic pain in your neck or wrist as well.

Constantly checking it for updates can also draw your attention away from a flow state. This flow state helps you work with details and keeps you in a focused frame of mind. Putting your phone down can help you create tough but useful habits that will benefit you for life.

2. Take Care of Yourself Daily

By the end of the day, you are likely tired and ready to calm down. However, sometimes it can be tough to relax enough to get to sleep before it gets too late to get a full night’s rest. By crafting a bedtime routine, you can save your energy and feel better rested each day. You should make this habit enjoyable and create a reasonable goal that you know you can reach so that you do not become discouraged.

Packing healthy meals and making sure you work out regularly can also help you keep a clear mind. Once you are already in a routine, this kind of upkeep can improve your health and leave you with more energy. This momentum can also prevent you from getting too lazy or distracted.

3. Think About Your Goal Before You Begin

If you feel overwhelmed when you first start out creating a habit, it could be because you need to plan out what your final goal is. By writing down exactly what you want to accomplish before you officially start, like being able to run a certain marathon or sustaining your weight, you can take steps to reward yourself as you get closer to reaching it. This can help you sustain these good habits even on days when you feel tired or frustrated with your progress.

4. Get Support From Other People

Trying to create a new habit can become overwhelming if you have to go at it alone. By talking to other people, you can lean on them for support and get unique ideas to help you stick with your original plan. If your goal is to exercise more or learn a skill, you may even be able to take a class with them and spend quality time together.

This person can also hold you accountable for what you set out to do. If you skip a day or lose track of your progress, you can rely on this friend or family member to support you and point out what you need to do next.

5. Ignore Unimportant Details

When life gets busier and you find yourself losing track of your new habit, such as working out, you may feel tempted to completely give up. One part of building a habit is not getting distracted by doing everything perfectly the first time. By letting go of perfectionism, you can learn more and do more in the same amount of time. You can also accomplish what you want without getting stopped halfway through forming a habit.

Keep Your Health Habits Going

As you get closer to reaching your health goal, the best way to make sure these habits last is to pay attention to your actions and feelings. By being proactive in how you handle the distractions life throws at you and notice the changes in your body, you can accomplish what you set out to finish.