6 Addictive Online Games You Can Enjoy  

Online gaming is now a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of exciting games of exciting genres, graphics, and much more. There are so many amazing games currently out there that are very popular among casual and competitive gamers. Most of these games are online. Especially, multiplayers have mostly shifted to the online games category. 

In this blog, you can find a number of exciting games you can play. So, it may be time to upgrade your internet plan and get a faster one that Spectrum offers, or some other ISP for gaming. The games mentioned here are suitable for different platforms of your choice.  


PC gamers and fans of first-person shooter games, Valorant is a game that is likely to become your favorite. A good thing about Valorant is the fact that it is a good break from battle royale games. It is a 5 vs 5 game with a unique concept and gifted characters. You have to win 13 out of 25 rounds to get the victory. Recent eSports events and major streamers have brought this game to the attention of a lot of gamers. You can push rank with your friends in this action-packed game and have a super fun time.  

Genshin Impact 

If you are more into roleplay and RPG games, you may like Genshin Impact. One of the biggest advantages of playing Genshin is that it is a cross-platform game. This means you can play this game from mobiles (iOS and Android), consoles, and PCs. Also, you and your friends can team up on different devices and play together. This game will keep you entertained for a long time.  

Call of Duty Mobile  

For gamers who miss the COD action, there is another variant of the game available for mobile. You can download and play Call of Duty Mobile on both Android and Apple devices. A good thing is that you play this game with a solid performance on both flagships and mid-range phones without any problem. Team up with your friends and get action-packed gameplay on the signature maps like Nuketown, Raid, and Hijack. 

Besides the classic modes like free for all and gun game, this game also has the battle royale option. So, there is so much fun awaiting you in the Call of Duty Mobile universe.  

Fall Guys 

If you are looking for a time-killer to enjoy after a busy day with your friends, Fall Guys can be really fun to play. Fall Guys have cute and squishy characters that compete against each other in battle royale-themed games. The obstacle race is one of the more famous modes of this game. Like Genshin Impact, Fall Guys is also cross-platform. But in this case, you get different choices of devices including Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The downside of this game is that you cannot play it on Android devices and iPhones.  

Among Us 

During the peak time of the Pandemic in 2020, Among Us received a lot of attention. YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and casual gamers, everyone was playing it. Even in 2022, this game is still popular and fun to play. It is a social deduction game where you are assigned a role at the start of the game. You can be a crew member or an impostor. Impostors have to eliminate all players or sabotage the mission. Crew members on the other hand have to spot the impostor and do different tasks around the ship.  

Among Us is another cross-platform multiplayer game. But one major difference between this game and others on the list is the number of supported devices. You can play this game on mobile devices (iOS and Android), Nintendo Switches, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. So, this is a game you can play on any device you want to.  

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 

There are so many strategic tower defense games you can download and play out there. Such games include OG ones like Dota 2 and League of Legends. But these games may require gamers to invest a lot of time. A good thing is that there’s a popular mobile variant of these games as well. It is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You can play this game on Android mobiles and iPhones. So, you do not have to turn on your PC and sit in the same place for extended hours to play. You can get similar action in this game. It is up to you whether you want to play this game casually or push your rank.  

So, these are some online games that will keep you entertained for hours.