Texas is the largest USA state, and it’s also the best-known one, outside of America. Texas also tends to represent all the fun stereotypes that the rest of the world sees as America. But, aside from all that, Texas is a really attractive location, especially in the past few years. Many out-of-state Americans decided to make Texas their new home. So if you’re thinking about relocating to Texas, then here are some of the most important things that you should know before you start packing.

It is going to be hot

Texas is hot, and considering the current climate change predictions, it is going to get even hotter in the upcoming years. Temperatures are around 90F+ in August, and that’s considered normal. Of course, there are parts of Texas that are drier, while others are humid, but wherever you go, get ready for some heat! After a while, you’ll get used to the hot weather, and you’ll start to enjoy it!

Texans love their guns

Guns are taken seriously in Texas because Texans value their Second Amendment. If this seems strange or uncomfortable, then think twice before you move. Many households have multiple guns, and if you want to get yourself one, then be sure to follow all the permitting rules regarding storing and carrying. Also, keep in mind that Texans value their guns and see them as part of their state identity, so if you ever want to start a discussion with locals, make sure to be respectful.

If you love music, then you’ll enjoy Texas

Texas, specifically Austin, is known for its vibrant and abundant live music scene. This is due to the fact that live music is considered the culture of the state, whether it’s blues, Tejano, country, or hip hop. After all, many music legends such as Beyoncé, Janis Joplin, and Selena come from Texas! If you enjoy live gigs and discovering new artists, then you’ll enjoy Texas.

Be careful when it comes to taxes

Texas is often considered a favorable state when it comes to taxes. After all, in Texas, there is no state income tax, and the state sales tax is pretty okay. But, it’s important to mention that counties and cities can add their own sales tax on top of the state rate, which is especially important if you`re managing your business cash flow. That means that local sales tax can get pretty high. Also, state property taxes are one of the highest in the USA. So make sure to be careful and do your research prior to moving to Texas. If possible, consult an experienced tax lawyer or your account to give you a rundown of Texas tax laws and rules.

Texas has very affordable homes

Compared to California and New York, Texas has extremely affordable homes. This is also the reason why people are motivated to move to Texas. Lone Star State is famous for its affordable properties, whether it’s Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. However, if you’re moving there for the first time, it might be better to rent at first, mainly if you’re moving to a smaller palace. Getting accustomed to the local community requires some time, and renting an apartment can be a great solution. There are many affordable apartments for rent in Lubbock if you’re attracted to that part of Texas. After you decide to stay for longer, you can start looking for more permanent solutions.

Texas is amazing if you love outdoor activities

If you love nature and outdoor activities, then moving to Texas might be the best decision you can make. From gorgeous national parks such as Big Bend National Park to amazing campsites, Texas has a lot of options for outdoor fun. You can also go boating and do other fun-filled activities such as watching sea turtles at Padre Island National Seashore. If you’re moving with your family, then it’s important to know about all the fun and kid-friendly outdoor activities, as that will help you accommodate faster and make new friends.

Texans love to hug

Those who enjoy hugging and body contact will love the fact that Texans are big huggers. If you’re a bit averse to touch, especially when it comes to strangers, then this is important to know. Since Texans are also known to be very warm, welcoming, and friendly and that includes physical touch. Being standoffish to the local population is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving to a new place. If this seems uncomfortable, then be sure to communicate that in a kind and respectful way.

Texas is a diverse state, abundant with hospitable people, sports fans, and amazing pop culture. Knowing some things will help you start on the right foot and be better prepared. After you get used to Texas, you’ll fall in love with it, and it will become the new home that you’ll cherish and love to bits.