A bean bag is an excellent alternative to a sofa. It is an affordable furniture option for your bedroom or living room. You can use it to relax or even sleep comfortably when you have guests in your home. It has become a must-have modern furniture in every household.   Make sure you buy the right size bean bag based on your needs. Wakefit offers a huge collection of bean bags in various sizes and models. Choosing the right bean bag is not easy. There are certain factors that you must be aware of before purchasing a bean bag. Buy bean bags online for a reasonable price. Here is a complete guide to buying bean bags based on your preferences:

Why Use Bean Bags?

Bean bags are used in place of conventional sofas. It is a sac-like furniture that hugs your body when you sit on it. It is an attractive addition to seating for your family. Your kids will love bean bags, as it is absolutely fun to sit and play on them. It can be used for sitting and also sleeping, thus making it a versatile piece of furniture. It is funky home decor that adds fun and warmth to your living room. You can use bean bags in any room. It transforms the space into a cosy, relaxing spot. Continue reading to buy the right bean bag for your family.

Choose Based On the Type

There are different types of bean bags available on the market. Couch bean bags, sofa bean bags, bean bag chairs, and slab bean bags are some of the types of bean bags commonly used. Each serves a specific purpose. You can choose a type based on the place of use. Some use it in the living room or bedroom. Certain types of bean bags can be used in outdoor spaces.

Pick The Right Size

The size of the bean bag is a crucial factor to look for when buying a bean bag. Consider the space available in your living room or bedroom before you purchase a bean bag. You must also check the weight of the people who will use the bean bag. The size varies based on the age of the user. You can buy bean bags for all ages. You may need to pick a large bean bag when you wish to buy a bean bag for your bedroom. Two-seater bean bags or single-seater bean bags also decide their size. The following are some of the standard bean bag sizes.

  1. 36cm wide: This is the smallest size of bean bag that fits your children’s dolls.
  2. 60 cm diameter: This size is ideal for toddlers and even pets. It is easy to move.
  3. 80 cm: This is a medium size. You can go for this size when you have a compact space.
  4. 96 cm: This is a large size. It has ample space for the user to relax.
  5. 120 cm: This is an extra-large size. Bean bags in this size are the best bean bag chairs. Adults can use it very effectively. It also fits well for two smaller kids. You can also use this size bean bag for sleeping.

Check For The Fills

Bean bags come with different types of fillings. The fill of the bean bag determines how comfortable it is for the user. The common fill used in most bean bags is polystyrene foam. You can also go for expandable polystyrene foam and buckwheat grains. Go for an inflammable fill for your beanbag. Ensure the quality of the fill is good. This makes your bean bag highly durable.

Decide On Its Fabric

Bean bags come in plenty of fabrics. Leatherette bean bags are known for their luxury and smooth texture. Polyester bean bags are quite common. Artificial leather fabric is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Vinyl bean bags are also quite common. Nylon and ballistic fabric are stain-resistant. Go for fabrics that are washable and easy to clean.

Look For Inside Bag Models

It is always best to choose bean bag models that come with an inside bag. This makes your bean usable even when the outer bag is torn off. Always invest in a high-quality bean bag, so make sure it comes with an inside bag.

Decide On Its Shape

Beanbag chairs come in various shapes. Decide on the shape based on your needs and how you use it. A pear-shaped bean bag is ideal if you wish to move around your bean bag. You can opt for an armchair bean bag or an L-shaped bean bag for your living room. A round bean bag is the right pick for kids, and a king sized bean would work fine for adults. Triangular-shaped bean bags are super comfortable and ideal for relaxing and lounging.

Check For Its Functionality

Make sure that the bean bag you choose serves its actual purpose. Pick the bean bag based on your needs. You can go for a sofa or lounge type based on your actual needs. If you wish to use the bean bag for watching TV or playing games, then a big-sized bean bag would be the right choice.

Inspect The Zippers and stitches

Make sure to check the quality of the zippers and stitches in your bean bag. Poor-quality stitches can easily tear off your bean bag. The zippers must be strong with wide teeth. Zipping and stitching quality ensure the quality of the bean bag.

Tips To Choose The Right Bean Bags

  • Always go for high-quality durable bean bags.
  • Go for the appropriate size, and the size mainly depends on the user and the purpose of using it.
  • Check the space in your living room or bedroom before deciding on the size of the bean bag.
  • The shape of your bean bag determines its usage.
  • Go for the right fillings. This determines how comfortable your bean bag is.

Now you know what to look for when buying a bean bag. Go ahead and purchase the best bean bag for your home.