Almost half of the Australian population, that is, 9.8 million people, are tea drinkers. An average Australian drinks 9.5 cups of tea per week, with people aged over 65 drinkings 10.9 cups and young people consuming 5.5 cups per week. Since drinking tea has become an integral part of Australian culture, you probably are very particular about sourcing your tea. With so many online retailers selling different varieties of teas in Australia, you have lesser worries now about your purchase.

But if you are a first-time online buyer, you can get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. So, you can go through the following section to get some important insight.

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What factors should you consider while buying tea online?

About 23.60 million people in Australia use the internet, and online buying is a preferred choice among the majority. So, why not buy tea as well? But before you get on with the purchase, consider the following points.

Begin with assorted collections

You can look at assorted collections and sample sizes when unsure what tea to buy. This way, you won’t be stuck with a product you don’t like.

You can find varieties of teas in Australia like green, black, white, Pu-erh’s, oolong and herbal at any online retailer.

It is best to get a few varieties of teas at once if you buy them for the first time. Usually, your assortment of different varieties is in a single pack. However, if you don’t get one, remember the delicate, bold, herbal formula combo.

Try a few brewing methods.

You can better understand your liking and preference when you explore different methods for brewing your tea. Based on your tea ware, brewing method and, time, mood, your tea-consuming experience may vary. So, before having a favourite try out a few options.

Have a budget

You may go a bit overboard when buying tea can you order edibles online, and to prevent that from happening, you need to decide your budget and stick to it. Since tea is an essential item in your pantry and a luxury good, you must be mindful. For example, you can spend around $15-$20 on a modest sampling. You can even extend your budget to $40 and $65. But if you want more than just a sample of luxury teas, you may have to spend between $70 and $100.

How would you know about the quality and sourcing of tea?

When buying online, you should emphasise the sourcing method and product quality. Following are some ways you can learn about it.

  • A trusted retailer will tell you the region from which it is sourced. In some cases, you may find retailers specifying the particular estate and other relevant information like geographical location and the terrain on which it is grown.
  • For your green teas, you should learn about the harvest time or month, as this tea category tends to have a shorter shelf life than other tea types.
  • Tea farmers toil 10 hours a day, six days a week. Your responsibility as a consumer is to be aware of the origins of the food you consume. This way, you learn about fair pricing and help grow and develop farming communities.

Online buying takes away a lot of your stress, but you need to get things right. So, begin with your small purchases and get better at them. You can also take the help of the tea specialists on the websites regarding taking care of the tea and choosing the right leaf for you. Now hurry before the product of your choice becomes out of stock.