A welding machine is a device that generates an electric arc amidst an electrode and the pedestal material to disintegrate the metals at the welding point. There are a variety of welding machines but the most commonly employed is the portable welding machine since it is easy to transport. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using the device.

This article outlines the merits and demerits of the machine.


Easy to use

Since the machine is easily transported and light in weight, it is easy to use. The device can also be used for various purposes, including in the garage, in workshops, or at home. This enables the owner to earn some income and improves their living standards.


The machine uses an electrode to generate an arc between the metal and the pedestal metal. This makes it safe since it prevents metals from contacting your body. It also makes the working area conducive for users and pedestrians.


The machine is made of high-quality materials making it to be used for a longer period without getting tear and wear. The durability makes the device most preferred in various activities requiring welding.

Moreover, the durability highly influences the welding machine price in Nairobi.


The machine is available at a variety of price points. The machines are of various types; thus, anyone purchasing the device can get it anywhere at the outlet’s shops. Their prices are usually low, making them easily affordable, and therefore individuals can afford them.


It can be used in various tools, including metals, glass, and plastics. It can be easily carried with ease to different places to be used. This has made operators flexible in their operations with any difficulties.

The disadvantages

There are a few demerits of using a welding machine. The following are the most common disadvantages;

Limited power

The machine uses an electrode to generate an arc amidst the metals and base metals. This makes power limited. The amount of power to be used reduces hence not enough to carry out the welding purposes. The power limit interferes with the machine’s operation.

Not suitable for heavy-duty welding

Since the machine needs to be more powerful, heavy-duty welding is not possible. Because of this, it is only there for suitable light-duty welding. The device used for heavy-duty welding may lead to tear and wear of the machine due to the low power it generates during use.

Therefore, ensure that you buy a device that is durable to cut on replacement costs.

Requires frequent maintenance

The machine requires frequent maintenance to avoid tear and wear since it uses an electrode to generate an arc between the metal and the base material. This is an expensive procedure that needs to be taken into consideration.

However, if you purchase a durable device, you will have a smooth experience with the device.


In conclusion, the machine is easy to employ, reliable, flexible, and accessible. However, some demerits should be put in place before purchasing. Therefore, looking keenly at your shop or garage would be advisable.

Also, it is best to conduct adequate research so as to ensure that you purchase a device that is durable, and efficient. Check also heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya.