The task of purchasing a vacuum cleaner appears so simple. But with so many different vacuum types available in Kenya, overpaying for a subpar device is simple. The intended use of the vacuum cleaner also affects the choice of the specific device they may wish to purchase.

This article focuses on what a buyer should look out for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

Any interested buyer should know the specifics of a good vacuum cleaner and the respective prices. Such information helps to ensure that the buyer receives maximum value return for their purchase and that the cleaner suits their intended use.

Below are some key considerations a buyer should look out for when purchasing a vacuum cleaner in Kenya.

Suction power

Pascal is the most widely used suction power unit when discussing vacuum cleaners. This is how pressure is measured. The device measures the pressure differential between the average air pressure and the vacuuming cleaner’s internal pressure. This implies that if you prefer your cleaner to only vacuum wooden floors, you can reduce the suction force a little.


Vacuum cleaners vary in price depending on their specifications. Opting for a product that delivers the most value is ideal if you have a limited budget. Vacuum cleaner prices in Kenya are affordable. Chinese manufacturers typically provide a wide range of options if you’re looking for a robot vacuum.

The filtration system

A vacuum cleaner’s filtration ensures that the particles and dirt it collects stay within the dust receptacle. A cleaner with inadequate filtering would therefore release dust through its exhaust outlet. HEPA filters are preferred. They effectively remove dust since they can capture 99.97% of all airborne particulate.


Lengthy warranty duration demonstrates the company’s confidence in its goods. It does make perfect sense to choose models that come with a warranty. Anything older than three years should be above average when purchasing an upright model.

Robot vacuums typically come with a conventional 1-year limited warranty because they have numerous moving parts.

Bin capacity

The size of your household and the kind of dust your cleaner needs to gather up will ultimately determine whether you require a bigger dust tank. Investing in a vacuum with a bigger tank is always advised if you have furry pets.


Any vacuum cleaner typically comes with various accessories to carry out different sorts of suction. The specified optional components and the quantity and type of offered accessories must be examined during the vacuum selection process.

Motor power

Watts, kilowatts, or Horsepower are used to measure motor power. The sort and quantity of engines the cleaner is outfitted with determine this. The power must be selected according to the purpose of the motors portion.


Various vacuum cleaners on sale are available with unique use, functionality, and technical features. When making a selection, it is preferable to seek out knowledgeable professionals that can assist the client throughout the entire decision-making process, from the initial visit through the final purchase and service duration of the product.

Whatever you decide, determining your own needs is the most crucial aspect of choosing a vacuum cleaner.