It is a surgery by using Aptos or herringbone silk that can penetrate through the skin. Although thread lifting by plastic surgeons is popular in the deep skin layer of the face (SMAS), when the skin is thin, it can cause such side effects. 

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Later, there is a thread called Smart Cone or another name Silhouette Silk like this , that has the appearance of a thread with cones strung at intervals. Silhouette strands are stitched (stitched) from the temple area as a starting point or anchor. The needle is then inserted straight through the subcutaneous fat level until it reaches the cheek groove, and then gently swipes the skin backwards so that the cone in the silk thread hangs the skin on top (Mechanic Lift), simply called. Let the foreskin go upstairs and hide it in the hairline. To pull the meat on the cheek groove to be tighter, this type of silk has the ability to pull the facelift to be quite tight. In addition, Cone in the thread can dissolve. because it is made of The same material as melted silk. But the problem found is that Cone says that it may not dissolve completely or remain. This allows the patient to feel this Cone, or in the case of thin skin, this Cone may be seen from the outside, making it appear that the face looks jagged and uneven. I have to ask to watch this program very much. It follows me to the origin of silk threading. in Poland Threading gold thread (Gold Thread) uses a principle that is different from the thread that was strung before (Mechanic lift) in that it tries to thread the thread in deep layers. of the skin from the use of spines or cones in silk threads In order to find the attachment point of the muscles to pull the scalp hanging by the Gold Thread principle, it uses a method that causes injury to the epidermis layer (Dermis), especially the Papillary Dermis layer, a layer that produces elastin (Elastin). and collagen to the skin which when the skin is injured from a needle that has stabbed will cause Stimulates the production of collagen in larger quantities Doctors call it fibrosis rather than collagen. But no matter what It definitely tightens the skin and it raises the question: How wonderful is 99.99% 24K gold with a diameter of 0.1 millimeters? If it’s in front of us? The answer is gold or gold metal or gold element. No one dares to determine how good it is for skin and cells, but it is certain that gold can be a conductor. Electricity and heat are best combined with elemental metals. Therefore, if the person Hundreds of gold threads on the face If going to other treatments (Treatments) that use heat or electricity, such as various types of lasers, the patient must tell the doctor what we have done to our face. Another thing that can’t be forgotten is 1 silk thread, 55 centimeters long, 0.1 millimeters in diameter, priced around 250,000 baht per line (the price is equal to 10 baht of gold), which is considered a very high cost. You can’t be rich alone, you have to… too!! As the writer has said above, Thread lifting uses the principle of stimulating the Papillary Dermis layer to produce collagen. Actually, there are other techniques that have similar results, such as Thermage or Frexel, but according to the writer’s idea, The use of silk threads into the skin Although the benefits of gold cannot be clearly stated. But the inserted silk threads may help the collagen form in order because the silk threads may act like a railroad for the newly formed collagen. This method differs from other methods in that it stimulates collagen all over the face. This makes it difficult to determine the location of collagen production. The most important point of threading gold threads is the technique of threading gold threads. A doctor who can string the silk threads well must have a Dong Disciple Choi level ability. Because the hand must be still and accurate. So much to make 0.1 millimeters of silk pass through the Papillary Dermis layer that is only 0.3 millimeters thick!! (which here is different If to say that in theory sounds great. but in practice it is not possible)

If the needle is inserted too shallow, a line may be visible in the face, and if it is inserted too deeply or deeply into the subcutaneous fat layer, it will not be effective in stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. because the subcutaneous fat layer There are no cells other than normal fat cells. And before the end of the golden silk story, the writer would like the patient to try to read an article in the medical journal called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (published in April 2007, No. 31, pages 206-208, written by G. Björn Stark M.D. and Holger Bannasch. M.DThe “Golden Thread Lift’: Radiologic Findings” describes skull X-ray films in patients undergoing silk threading The journal describes a British patient who threaded gold threads at Poland twice in a period of 8 years, the first time was not a problem. But after the second time, after going to hundreds of silk threads The patient has pain in the face all over the place. like a small needle. The team was on his face all the time, so he went to see a doctor. The doctor took a skull X-ray and found a small piece of metal about the size of a broken needle and scattered all over the face (it probably doesn’t matter what it is). But if a Thai person sees this, I would say that I’m definitely going to be wearing stuff….haha) Finally arrived? The most famous PDO is the most marketed. It is bringing the melted silk to the face. (Some clinics boast that they are sutures for the heart, some suture the blood vessels, some) make the patient dose until they want to? Are they on the page? But the writer secretly whispers that Like this, the doctor used to sew other things. in the body once Neither the heel nor the buttocks are made for suturing only heart tissue.