Available cargo bikes from Hovsco E-bikes



Hovsco is a company from the United States of America commonly known for manufacturing and selling E-bike in the USA and UK market. As you know we produce cruiser e bike mainly but we also specialized in cargo bikes. We have different kinds of available cargo bikes on our production line. The features of these bikes are outstanding. We offer verity of extra options with tons of up gradation. So of the popular and outstanding features of or cargo bikes are described below:

750w brushless gear hub motor:

In each of our HOVSCO cargo E-bike we use a 750W brushless gear hub motor. It is a type of electric motor used in our e-bikes. It is a hub motor which means that it is mounted inside the hub of the rear wheel of the E-bike. This motor is brushless so it only uses electronic commutation rather than mechanical brushes to control the inner movements of the motor. The 750W refers that the power output of this motor which is up to 750 watts of power to the bike. It provides approximately 85Mn of torque and can allow the E-bike to reach higher speed of 28MPH. It is easy to climb steeper hills than a traditional pedal bike. However we are ensuring you that this motor is compatible with your bike and we follow all safety guidelines and regulations when we are producing it for our E-bike.

Equipped with specialized torque sensors:

HOVSCO E-bike is the Best cargo ebike 2023 because it is equipped with specialized torque sensors. We use these sensors to detect the amount of force you are applying to the pedal. This torque sensor quickly measures the amount of torque you are exerting on the pedals and then it uses this information to control the motor automatically. We designed these specialized torque sensors to provide you more natural and responsive riding experience while riding our E-bike. When you start pedaling the motor will automatically provide the appropriate amount of power it need so send as output in order to match your effort. It means that this motor will assist you to ride in a smooth and seamless manner.

48v lithium ion battery with 15Ah capacity:

We provide a 48V lithium-ion battery in our HOVSCO cargo E-bike. The capacity of that battery is 15Ah and it is equipped with quick recharging system. The battery has a nominal voltage of 48 volts and a capacity of it is 15 amps per hours. The capacity of the battery refers to the amount of energy it can store. In this case our battery of HOVSCO cargo E-bike is 15Ah so we can tell that it can provide 15 amps of current for one hour. So if you calculate the total energy of this battery it will be 48V x 15Ah or in total it is 720 watt-hours. The battery provides several advantages over other types of rechargeable batteries available on the market right now. It is lightweight and has a high energy density which eventually can provide you a high discharge rate. And the good thing is can be charged and discharged many times before they need to be replaced.

Smooth TIG welding:

We do tungsten inert gas welding when we build HOVSCO cargo E-bike on our manufacturing facility. The tungsten inert gas welding is commonly known as TIG welding. In this process we use a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the welding. This helps us to create high-quality and precise welds which provides us a smooth appearance after the job is done. We always keep the area of work clean in order to get a smoother finished product because an even small amount of dirt can hamper the quality of the weld.


If you want to know more about our products then you can contact us. We suggest you to buy HOVSCO E-bike because if you are thinking to buy an E-bike. E-bike is a new trend of this modern time and eBikes bring fun to transport. If you are facing any problem with our product you can come to our service station which is the nearest to you. Our expert mechanics will be always at your service. Thank you for staying connected with us.