Baratang is an expansive island that has fabulous beaches, caves, and mangrove creeks, in short, this island has everything that will make your mood to just enjoy and relax. The area of this island is 244 square kilometers and resides between the middle and south parts of Andaman.

The island is situated 90 KM away from Port Blair, Baratang Island in Andaman is also known as the natural spot where you can experience the beauty of nature. It also has popular places like [parrot island/mud island], where many tourists come to enjoy. Though you may face some traveling hindrances to reach this island. 

The limestone caves on the island are sedimentary rock squidged for millions of years by several nature components [skeletons, seashells, corals]. You can spend a peaceful time with your loved ones on Parrot island, of course, as the name suggests, you will see the masses of parrots flying in that place. 

If you love mountain sports activities, then Mud Volcano is the best place for [Hiking, Mountain biking, Trekking]. Surely you will experience quality time with your loved ones. 

The two-wheelers aren’t available to Baratang. Reach the “Andaman Trunk Road” and shift to convoy with a ferry connection to reach Baratang. It’s a long four-hour ride through the jungles and waters. 

Activities you must-try during your Baratang visit!

1- Guitar Island tour: It’s suggested that newly married couples must visit this island, the beauty and serene environment produces precious moments between the couples. 

2- Mangrove Creek: The baratang island is most famous for its Mangrove creeks, you can enjoy the motorboat ride tour, passing through the thick mangrove creeks from the Baratang jetty. 

3- Bluff Island Snorkeling: It’s 64 KM away from Port Blair, it’s a standard hub for nature and adventure lovers. You can try water sports activities due to its rich crystal evident aquatic beauty along with this you can also enjoy wildlife sanctuary present there.

4- Strait Island tour: It’s an ideal tour location for animal lovers. This island welcomes tourists with dense greenery entrances, and a wide variety of domestic/wild animals are present there.

5- Merk Bay tour: It’s located near the Strait island and long island, the merk bay beach is a combination of serenity and calmness. The white sand, blue sky, and crystal-cool water make this place an incredible hub for relaxation. 

6- The limestone caves tour: The baratang island has gained enormous popularity for the antique structures found in the caves built from limestone. You can reach this place through mangrove forests and tribal reserves. The making of these caves is unique in design and combination. 

7- Baludera beach tour: It’s the most deserted beach found in Andamans, it’s the best holiday hub for those who are indeed for peace. It’s an eco-friendly place where you can find treetop huts and other serene environments. 

Hotels in Baratang Islands

Finding the best hotels in Baratang can be difficult and costly. You can find the three guesthouses located near the jetty area. Still, these can be hardly booked as it’s reserved for governmental purposes. However, if you can book it in advance [atleast 4 weeks] from Port Blair, you can get a room. 

You can also try to book a private resort, “Dew Dale.”

Restaurants in Baratang Islands

The high-class multi-cuisine restaurant is not available on Baratang island, you may find a couple of Food Vendors and small, fast food corners near the Nialmbur Jetty. However, you can get basic refreshments, tea, and snacks at every corner at an economical rate. Sweet dishes are not available, you can try to buy chocolates or cookies from the food vendors. 

A trip to Baratang Island can be added to your Andaman and Nicobar Islands package. If you are coming to Andaman for a minimum of 5 days then you can easily visit Baratang Island from Port Blair during a day visit. A 4 Night 5 Days package to Andaman itinerary will have the following places covered.

Day 1 – Visit Port Blair
Day 2 – Visit Baratang
Day 3 – Visit Havelock
Day 4 – Return from Havelock to Port Blair
Day 5 – Departure

During these 5 days trip to Andaman you will cover Port Blair, Baratang and Havelock Island. You can add more number of days to visit Neil Island or any other islands as you might like for you Andaman Island trip.

Baratang is a unique destination and we recommend this to all travellers who visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands.