Get ready for a year of discounts and special offers when you become a VIP member at VN88! As a VIP, you will have access to exclusive deals and offers that are only available to members. Whether it’s discounts on shopping, dining, or entertainment, VN88 has something to offer everyone! It’s time to join the VIP club – upgrade your account now and start taking advantage of all that VN88 has to offer!

About VN88 VIP membership

As mentioned above, to satisfy customers, VN88 has applied the VIP level. Accordingly, there are 3 levels for guests to play forward and receive attractive incentives. So what are the specific incentives for VIP levels at the VN88 bookie?

Gold VIP level at the bookie VN88

Reaching the Gold VIP level at VN88 bookie is an incredibly rewarding process that begins with a personal invitation from the VIP Club. Once invited, players must meet certain criteria to ascend to this exclusive status, where they can enjoy enticing rewards and bonuses. This invitation will come directly from another VN88 member – thus opening up exciting opportunities for those looking to take their gaming experience one step further.

Becoming a golden VIP member of the VN88 Club is alluring, especially with its membership benefits. To join this exclusive club, gamers must bet 1,500,000 Vietnamese Dong within thirty days to be considered for the level. As soon as they meet that requirement and become gold VIP members here at VN88, players will get access to an array of rewards such as:

  • Get a bonus of 800 VND when you become a golden VIP member
  • Happy birthday also get rewards. That’s a 28% reload bonus up to 2000 VND
  • Weekly fund transfers will get a 10% bonus
  • 0.6% Online Casino Cashback
  • 0.5% Slot Cashback for each game. Including GPI Slot, PT Slot, MGS Slot
  • Get priority in case of withdrawal
  • Get priority even while sending money

Platinum VIP level at VN88 bookie

The Platinum VIP level at VN88 is the highest that players can reach. As soon as they qualify to be a Golden VIP member and accumulate 17,000,000 VND in bets over 30 days, they will receive an invitation for promotion. This offers them even greater rewards with more advantageous conditions for their betting strategies.

So what are the benefits of being a platinum VIP member at VN88? Surely you can trust that it is much more attractive than the golden VIP level. Details of the benefits of platinum VIP members are:

  •  Get a 1,380 VND welcome bonus
  • Happy birthday get a 28% reload bonus up to 6300 VND
  • Weekly fund transfers will get a 10% bonus
  • 0.7% Online Casino Cashback
  • 0.7% Slot Cashback for each game
  • Support from a private secretary
  • Get priority when withdrawing/depositing

Diamond VIP level at the bookie VN88

This is one of the highest VIP levels at the VN88 bookie and also receives the most incentives. Accordingly, the benefits of being a diamond VIP member will be:

Introducing VIP levels at VN88 bookie you may not know

  • Get a bonus of 800 VND when you become a golden VIP member
  • Happy birthday get an 88% reload bonus up to VND 12,688
  • Weekly fund transfers will get a 10% bonus
  • 0.8% Online Casino Cashback
  • 0.8% Slot Cashback for each game
  • Managed by 2 experts
  • Get priority in case of withdrawal/deposit
  • Flexible withdrawal and deposit.

VN88 VIP Levels

Regulations of the bookie for members of VIP levels at the bookie VN88

After learning about VN88 VIP levels, you should also take the time to learn about VN88’s regulations with VIP members. Specifically:

  • The bookie may change the terms and promotions without prior notice.
  • VN88 has the right to check and monitor the player’s activities, if detecting fraudulent behavior such as intentionally taking advantage of the bookie’s preferences, the player will be downgraded or locked.
  • The bookie has the right to refuse or not raise the level of VIP for members who make mistakes.
  • Promotions for VIP members are only used for that account and cannot be sold or transferred to other members.

Discounts for long-term members

  • When you become a VIP member of VN88, you will enjoy promotions such as:
  • Upgraded members get attractive rewards
  • On your birthday, you will receive a good gift
  • The bookie gives you an extra 10% bonus every week
  • With slots, players enjoy 1% cashback
  • In online casino products, VIP members get 0.8% cashback

The offers of card games and betting that VIP VN88 receives

  • In addition to the above special promotions, VN88 VIP members also receive many incentives when participating in other betting products such as: 
  • On their birthday, VIP members of the bookie will receive a top-up card with a rate of 28%, 68%, and 88%. This seems to be a special offer for VIP members of the bookie that many people respond to. There have been many players who received tens of millions of bonuses from the bookie and participated in online betting very comfortably. 
  • VN88 VIP members participating in online casinos will enjoy a rebate from 0.6% to 0.8%. Besides, slot games will have a payback from 0.5% to 0.8%. So if gamers know how to use this promotion, they will receive a huge refund. 
  • In addition, the VN88 bookie also offers its VIP club customers certain other benefits. When VIP players make deposit and withdrawal transactions in their account, they will receive priority for faster money transfers. Besides, there will be a special customer care team for VIPs. 


VN88’s VIP program is very attractive to gamers. With a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and benefits, this will be an extremely attractive address for gamers. If you are looking to join the VIP program of VN88, then take advantage of the promotions and have an unforgettable gaming experience. Don’t hesitate and take the chance now!