The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME Course is a globally recognised licence programme that covers the modification, repair, maintenance, testing, and resolution of aircraft problems. Before an aircraft can take off, approval from a certified aircraft maintenance engineer is required. An AME’s dependability is to guarantee that an aircraft is in fit-for-flight condition. One indicator of the advancement of aviation is the phenomenal increase in air travel. Candidates who are motivated to work in the aviation business have an ideal time to pursue this course. The majority of the Indian institutions offering this course have received approval from the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the country’s government.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Eligibility Criteria for Admission:

The applicant must have completed or appear to have completed the 12th grade with a focus on mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Candidates with a three-year engineering diploma may apply for this programme.

At the time of admission, the candidate’s age must fall between 16 and 28 years.

The applicant cannot be colorblind.

The applicant must pass the AME CEE exam.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Duration and Basics:

The academic sessions and practical training for the aircraft maintenance company Engineering programme are separate. A DGCA-approved campus will offer academic knowledge for the candidate’s 1440 hours, and DGCA-approved businesses will host their 960 hours of practical training sessions. The DGCA will grant the candidates a licence if they successfully complete the practical sessions and the AME modules. A certified AME is qualified to work everywhere in the aviation industry.

What is the usual Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course fee structure?

The aspirant is required to pay tuition at AME institutes, which can cost between INR 3 and 6 lakhs for the full license course. The candidate is required to pay their fees on campus each semester. Depending on the candidate’s All India Rank (AIR) for AME CEE 2023, a scholarship will be awarded to the deserving applicant. The cost of the hostel will be determined by the amenities provided to the applicants. It should cost between INR 25,000 and 40,000 per semester.

What career opportunities does the AME course provide?

As India’s growth in the aviation sector puts it in the spotlight, AME candidates have career prospects. The moment has arrived for those who want to work in the international aviation sector. It won’t be long before India, with all of its potential, dominates the aviation world. Some areas for an AME to work are:

  • MRO Organizations
  • Domestic and International Airlines
  • Organization that manufactures aircraft
  • Organizations that manufacture aircraft parts
  • DGCA
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Centres for Aviation Training
  • Aviation Clubs

Conclusion: The AME licence holder receives a variety of benefits, including a competitive salary and a comfortable lifestyle, as well as a respected position in society. The progressive increase in aviation traffic that we see in the news catches our attention. Aircraft have been ordered by several prominent airlines, airports are being constructed, MRO firms are being founded, etc. We can conclude that aviation is a good career opportunity.