Broken windows are an eyesore. They expose the home to temperature changes as well as security risks. As a homeowner, coming home to a broken window can be everything but exciting. While fixing the problem will cost you money, has identified some common causes of broken windows.

The window repair and replacement experts are helping homes and businesses understand the reasons behind their broken windows and how to prevent their reoccurrence. Find below some of the leading causes of broken windows.


Accidents are perhaps the leading cause of broken windows in most homes. They could be from a simple act like the impact from a ball in motion or from stones. Accidents can present themselves in many ways; they could also happen while cleaning your window or when you close the window lid a little too hard.

Whatever the accident, it can leave a significant mark on your window. A great way to avoid this is to replace your single-pane, thin-layer window screen with double-glazed, thicker windows. You can also install a protective barricade around your window, especially if your home is close to areas where basketball and football is an active sport.

Asides from this, we recommend being extra careful when closing your window. The frame can be delicate, and you should treat it with care. You should also ensure to use the right cleaning chemicals on your window during spring cleaning. Using harsh chemicals can weaken your windows.


Weather elements like sun, rain, hailstorm, and heavy winds are chief factors for window damage. In most cases, your window may be at risk of damage during heavy winds and hailstorms.

As with most things nature-related, you cannot be too sure, and you may be unable to fully prevent them from happening. However, you can take measures by locking your patio furniture to the ground or removing them ahead of the storm season. You can also trim trees and tree limbs around your home to prevent damage.

Additionally, you can install window tints or clear protective films on your window to protect it from harsh UV rays from the sun. Other measures include painting and treating your window frame material, installing double-glazed and high R-rating windows, and more. All of these can significantly safeguard your window from common weather-related damages.


Burglaries are intentional acts aimed at a forceful entry. While you may not be able to control the burglar’s action, you can make your home less desirable for an attack.

Current statistics show that homes with security cameras are 60% less likely to be attacked by burglars. This means that installing security features in your home makes it less desirable for unscrupulous individuals looking to gain unauthorized entry and steal valuables.

In addition to installing security systems, we recommend promptly attending to common window problems like cracks, chinks, and breaks. Doing this can further reinforce your property and discourage would-be burglars from attacking your home.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a normal effect caused by age and amplified by the conditions around the installation. For example, two 10-year-old windows may not suffer the same level of wear and tear based on their difference in weather exposure, maintenance, product quality, and other factors.

In some cases, your window may break due to the effect of wear and tear. Such an effect starts small, often evident by small cracks or chips on the window glass screen. When not addressed, the cracks expand and over time, can lead to much bigger issues like complete window damage.

An excellent way to avoid this is to replace your older window screens with newer and modern options. Doing this can significantly contribute to your indoor insulation, reduce your energy bills, and ultimately improve your property’s appearance and value.

Existing Cracks

Most homeowners often leave maintenance issues until the final minute before getting to it. Aging windows will often show some common signs, including expanding cracks. When those cracks are left in place without attention, they expand and eventually cause damage. Homeowners can prevent this by addressing such minor problems quickly.

Pro Tip: A proper maintenance plan will help you to save money now and in the future.


Birds are also another common culprit. Birds often get agitated when they see their reflections. This can cause them to peck your window screen until they become tired or eventually fly away. Each peck weakens your window screen and may cause it to break.

Preventing this problem may require you to initiate heavy bird-repellent procedures.

If you’ve come home to a cracked or damaged window, the chances are high that one of the above reasons has caused it. Contact a reputable repair or replacement professional for immediate help.