Outdoor adventures can be fun only when you choose the right essentials like comfortable quilts to rest after a day’s outing, and the right walking gear. They make sure the hours you spend outside are safe and comfortable. What is the simplest yet efficient way to carry your essentials? Experts suggest backpacks are the most balanced gear to meet all your requirements. And most backpack manufacturers have added features and experimented with fabrics to make them more versatile, lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with adjustable straps. The most crucial feature top brands ensure in quilts for backpacking is insulation and warmth radiated. Let us explore the availability of quilts for backpacking this season and give tips to select the best outdoor quilts for your needs.

Best Outdoor Quilts for Backpacking – How to Choose?

When you are buying quilts for backpacking, you need to check for their quality and serviceability based on the following features-  

  1. Insulation: A quilt’s primary quality is its insulation level. The most popular choice of insulation is down. Down is lightweight, easily compressible, and best for warmth, so it is the favorite option when choosing an outdoor quilt for backpacking. Other insulation materials available for quilt-making are mostly synthetics and tend to be heavier and less compressible than down.  
  2. Size and Weight: The second quality to focus on when choosing the best outdoor quilts for backpacking is- the size and weight of the quilt. It should be of a size that is manageable size for you to backpack. The ideal outdoor quilt for backpacking should be lightweight, compressed to the smallest size, and easy to carry.  
  3. Fabric: The fabric is the third quality to consider when choosing the best outdoor quilts for backpacking. It should be both durable and lightweight. The material should withstand rough use outdoors and not tear easily.  
  4. Features: Finally, you need to look for features such as the draft collar with adjustable straps to suit you or opt for a foot box so that the best outdoor quilt you choose is comfortable for your outdoor adventure.

Best Outdoor Quilts for Backpacking

Now that you know the qualities you need to look for when buying outdoor quilts, let us look at some of the top-quality quilts on market shelves-

  1. Katabatic Gear Flex Quilt: This is the outdoor quilt for backpacking if your priority is warmth, versatility, and ease of carrying. Its 900-fill power-down insulation has a 10D fabric shell and proprietary padding locks. The Flex Quilt is available in many sizes for multiple temperature ratings and is, therefore, the perfect choice for outdoor quilts for backpacking.  
  2. Therm-a-Rest Corus Quilt: Choose this brand if you need features such as a foot box and more. It has 650-fill power-down insulation. Hence it is lightweight and gets its sturdiness from a 20D polyester shell, making it easy to pack and carry.  
  3. Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt: If you are looking for a 950-fill power-down insulation, the Enigma quilt should be your choice. It is lightweight, with a quilt-style design for insulation preservation.  
  4. Hammock Gear Econ Quilt: Econ Quilt is an excellent option for features such as baffle design. It ensures top insulation and prevents cold spots. It is priced competitively and meets basic outdoor traveling needs.  
  5. REI Co-op Magma Trail Quilt: Features are the highlight of these outdoor quilts for backpacking. It has a foot box and adjustable straps for the snap neck, and it secures it in place quickly.  

Take Away

Choose an outdoor quilt based on its insulation, damage-resistant fabric, and features that ensure you have a compact outdoor quilt for backpacking. The suitable outdoor quilt will keep you warm and comfortable after a day’s adventure and outing.  


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