Collaborative Tools For Students


Collaborative tools for students are increasingly popular in the classroom, and many are free to use. These tools allow students to share documents and collaborate in real time on them. They also allow you to store and edit documents in a secure online repository, shielding your personal information. It is easy to add members to a group by name or email address, eliminating the need for phone numbers or drafts. You can use a collaborative tool such as Google Docs to create assignments, share files, or manage projects across team members.

PowerSchool is an excellent example of a collaborative tool. This tool is available for all academic levels and provides students with a voice in how they learn. PowerSchool allows students to work collaboratively on assignments, projects, and discussion boards, and it allows teachers to monitor curriculum progress. The software also promotes classroom engagement by providing a social media outlet for teachers and students alike, and even includes a Learning Library to organize and store resources.

Flipgrid is a popular collaborative tool, allowing students to create multimedia presentations on a pre-built template. Flipgrid also allows students to use stickers, share ideas, and give video feedback. This tool is owned by Microsoft, but it is free to use. Another popular tool for collaboration is PBworks. This collaborative editing platform lets students create web pages and organize learning resources. Students can post comments or change their original versions, and track author history.