Are you worried you may be showing early signs of Alzheimer’s disease? Maybe it’s not you, but an aging parent. Alzheimer’s is a complex disease and one that shouldn’t be ignored. There is no cure, but there is therapy for Alzheimer’s and treatments that can be made that will help a person to live a healthier, safer and happier life.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Keep in mind that signs alone aren’t enough; instead, they should prompt you to make an appointment with your doctor for a complete examination.

Frequent Memory Loss

Occasional memory loss is relatively common for everyone. How many times have you forgotten an errand, a task or even an appointment? Sometimes you can chalk that up to forgetfulness, whereas other times it can be more serious. Memory loss that starts to disrupt your daily life negatively is often an early warning sign. This could mean forgetting important things like eating a meal, taking medication, the date, the names of people, etc.

Tasks Become More Difficult

Another sign can be when daily tasks that you’ve always done without issue start to become more difficult to do. It could include house chores, making meals, or directions to familiar places such as the store or family members.

Unsure of the Place, Date and Time

If you ever get confused about where you are, the date or the time, this can also be a red flag. It may just be passing confusion or something more lasting.

Keeping Track and Solving Simple Problems

People use problem-solving skills throughout the day for little and big issues. Usually, you go about these tasks without a second thought, but if they start becoming confusing and stressful, this can be another early warning sign. Keeping track of numbers, such as bills and finances, can be especially difficult.

What Can You Do About It?

So, what happens if you’ve identified early warning signs, visited your doctor and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? It’s an extremely tough diagnosis to get and one that is sure to bring up all kinds of emotions, questions and concerns. Because it is a progressive disease you may not need to take much action at first, but it’s important to recognize that this can change.

For those experiencing moderate to more severe signs and issues, it may be necessary to move to an assisted living facility that can offer targeted care. The good news is that these facilities aren’t just about memory care; they also provide seniors with enriching and engaging opportunities and activities.

Assistance with daily living, therapy services on-site, medication management, chef-prepared meals, fitness programs, social activities and more are all part of daily life at this Alzheimer’s memory care in Burbank. It can make life easier, less stressful and frankly more enjoyable all around.

These are just a few of the many early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease which is why it’s so important to be mindful of what you’re feeling and experiencing. Seeking help from your doctor, and talking to them about your concerns is the best advice to give.