Cool facts about MMA gloves – what makes this glove so interesting?


MMA, or mixed material art, has emerged as the most popular combat sport globally. It encompasses several techniques from different systems across the world. Fighters may mix their playing style as they want. However, a comprehensive style requires grappling and striking. MMA gloves offer the right amount of balance necessary for striking and gripping the opponent. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about MMA gloves.

  • The evolution of MMA gloves

Have you ever thought about why fighters use gloves? Irrespective of the sport you are involved in, the security and safety of the players are of utmost importance. Boxing is no different. This is why proper gear and rules are there in each sport.

There are multiple theories regarding the evolution of MMA gloves. Some will say that the creator of the gloves was inspired by different varieties used in different movies, while others drew inspiration from the theatre.

Yet others suggest that the origin of the gloves is related to different sports in the western world. The truth is that hand protection was necessary during fights, and it dates back to the second century. Yes, you heard it right.

Some believe that MMA gloves started with UFC, but it is a misconception. It was first used in Shooto and Pride FC. However, UFC has made it compulsory for boxers to wear this glove since 1997.

  • Ancient gloves as weapons

If you are interested in tracing the evolution of modern gloves, then you will have to go to primitive times. The ancient combat sports world was brutal. The masses were interested in the gore and blood and did not care about the boxer’s safety. Gloves were used not as protection but to increase the boxer’s appeal. It was used as a weapon of destruction.

With time the protective layer has evolved, and today you see gloves becoming a part of boxing. Leather and other premium material are used for manufacturing these MMA gloves.

  • Understanding fighting gloves in modem context 

In modern times distinct materials are used for manufacturing gloves. Boxers avoid using low-quality gloves. Contemporary combat sports use padded gloves to protect the fist of the individual. It is especially significant for individuals who engage in striking art. The gloves protect the boxer against the deathblows of the opponent.

Fighters and boxers can play the match properly by using these gloves. Irrespective of the number of options available in the market, it’s always better to go for high-quality padded options with a proper thickness that protects your hand and your face in the game.

  • Why buy boxing gloves? 

Boxing gloves are heavily padded and come with high-quality material. Boxing gloves may range from 8 to 20 oz. The weight and size help others to choose the one that suits their requirement. If you are serious about your defense, it’s time to invest your money in high-quality boxing gloves.

Make sure that you purchase the best variety of boxing gloves available. The proper boxing gloves can change your game completely!