Countries With 100 Percent Renewable Energy


Iceland, which produces more than 100 percent of its energy through renewable energy, is a leading example of a country using 100 percent renewable energy for its electricity. The island country has geothermal aquifers and an abundance of hydropower, and its population of 0.3 million is a major contributing factor to Iceland’s position in the renewable energy race. Iceland’s strong position in renewable energy has helped it transition from a developing country to one with a high standard of living.

While many of us may be skeptical about the idea that renewable energy is expensive, a recent international study has dispelled that myth by revealing several examples of countries with 100 percent renewable energy. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, www afilmywap gg Germany, New Zealand’s South Island, and the Samso Island of Denmark have all achieved this goal. Canadian provinces Quebec and British Columbia also have 100% renewable energy. China’s Qinghai Province has also run completely on renewable energy, which included hydropower, wind, and solar.

The transition to 100% renewable energy may feel like a slow process, but it’s worth celebrating small victories along the way. As of today, there are 10 countries with electric power generated from 97 to 100% renewable energy sources. As long as we continue this pace, the transition to renewable energy will eventually become as seamless as the one from fossil fuels to renewable energy. tunai4d With so much at stake, it is crucial to act now and make sure we are not left behind.