CSGO Gaming and Betting: the Different Roles to Take


Roles in CSGO have a great value due to the related functions. Each player should know which one they’re filling before starting a tournament CSGO.

Understanding how you and others play together is important for the CSGO game. While the basics will take you far as an individual player, doing everything on your own in a team game doesn’t bring you anywhere. But if you’re playing in a good team, you’ll act in accordance with your skillset to move your team forward.

Primary Roles in CSGO

The game involves 5 roles, each of which comes with a particular goal. Whatever role you choose for yourself, you will have to focus on a particular aspect of the game in order to help your team to win in the most efficient and effective way possible.


You will push alongside the entry fragger and protect it through the use of the utility. In addition, the support player will try to trade kills if the entry covers other lines of sight. You will have to throw grenades to manage the bomb sites or other positions. Basically, the support player’s job is to enable the entry focus on the site.

For this role, you will need to master the lineups for flashes, HEs, and smokes. You will also understand when and how to use each one of them.


Every team has a designated AWPer. This player will use this weapon to keep long angels and secure significant picks. The team strategy is mainly built around this player with the AWP due to its costly weapon. Traditionally, these players are highly experienced with the weapon as well as a rifle. The right player performing the AWPer role can affect the course of the match drastically.


You will need to outmaneuver the opponent through stealth. You will constantly try to surprise the opponent and secure easy picks on particular players. Traditionally, a lurker sits on the bomb site of the executed one and try to stop rotating players. To succeed in this task, you need a good knowledge of the map on which you will complete the upcoming missions. As a lurker, you should know how to act and what kind of features to use for your own benefit.

Entry Fragger

When having your first experience with CSGO, you will need to decide when your position a bombsite or objective. Based on this information, you’ll be initiating the push and seeking a secure entry kill or support. The entry will concentrate on making typical angles smooth and calling out information on opponents.

Being an Entry Fragger, you put yourself at risk of losing money. Thus, you will be able to estimate success by pushing and helping your team enjoy the profits. To excel at this role, you will need to have an excellent goal and a quick reaction. With everything done well, you will get the desired result pretty soon.

IGL (In-game leader)

A team can’t reach a high level of success without a leader. It is no different when it comes to team dynamics. This person will take the whole gameplay under control to deliver a good result. When information is collected and presented properly, the flow of the game says it all. This player will make decisions on the economy, pushes, rotates, and other significant features. To succeed as an IGL, you need to be fast, flexible, full of energy, and quick-witted. Traditionally, you will fulfill the role of a support or rifler.

Rifler and Secondary Roles in CSGO

The Rifler term is widely used in CSGO. It traditionally refers to players who aren’t designated AWPers. Apart from that, your team can manage a double AWP setup, and/or players may perform the support role. By the end of the day, every CSGO player should bring utility to the table. It can’t be assigned to the support player only. Rifles and AWPers are supposed to use smokes, flashes, and molotovs to pause pushes, help teammates, and boost map control.

Throughout gameplay, you’ll notice that your roles change to fulfill new tasks. Every player should have a clear understanding of the other roles, their requirements, their duties, and overall game sense. It usually takes time and effort to take the right position in the game. But you will feel yourself in your place. At some point, you’ll find yourself in the role that you are good at.