Hey Instagrammers! It’s time to get more from Instagram than ever with some cool tricks! The restrictions on this popular social media app have stopped us from fully enjoying media, especially when you cannot download Instagram content. The app only supports you to view Instagram content and not download it. But we at times wish to re-share content as our own or send the media to someone on another app, this is only possible once we download the content. But the question stands the same, how? In this blog, we have enlisted some cool tricks to surpass all Instagram restrictions and download content easily.

  1. Screenshots and screen recordings: The first instinct once you come across content that you like is to screenshot it if it’s an image. to save a post or picture to your device you can always leverage the in-built function on smart phones that allows you to snip the screen. Screenshots encompass the entire screen in an image.

If it’s video content you can always record the screen. Smart phones come with this feature to record the entire screen. You need to simply go to your phone’s settings and search for “screen recorder”. Next tap on it and press the record button once you have reached the video content that you wish to save. This way you can always save any image or video. Though this is not the best solution, it still does the job.

  1. Downloading third-party apps: There are a number of third-party applications that allow you to download Instagram content. You can find them on play store and app store for your android and iOS device respectively. These apps also use content URLs (as discussed above). Using the link to the media these apps facilitate downloads to help you save any content to your device. iGram downloader is a powerful app that allows you to download any Instagram photo or video to your device for free.
  2. Accessing browser tools: Surf the internet and you’ll have what you want! It’s true when it comes to websites that are offering tools to download any Instagram content. Simply search on the browsers for “Instagram photos and videos downloader” and you would get a list of apps that allows you to do so. From post downloader to reel downloader you get all tools on these websites. These apps offer you to download content from Instagram using the content link.

To download photos and videos from Instagram, simply navigate to the content on the app and tap on the three dots given over the content. Once the menu is revealed select the option to “copy URL”. Now open any app on the browser that allows you to download Instagram content like iGram downloader which is a highly loved and downloaded app. in the field provided paste this URL and tap the download button. The app uses AI to retrieve and save the image to your device for you to use offline from anywhere.