This article focuses on the factors affecting mabati prices in Nairobi. Due to the increased level of technology and education, people are now building houses using an iron sheet, unlike some years back when they used to roof their houses with grass. A house constructed using iron sheet will last longer and also protects the house from bad weather conditions such as strong wind and heavy rains. Building and living in a perfect home is everyone’s dream.

Below are some of the factors;

Type of the iron sheet (mabati)

Type is one of the factors affecting the price of mabati. Different types of mabati don’t have the same price. Some mabati are made of good quality, and they intend to be more expensive. Different companies produce different types of products; therefore, the price will also vary depending on the type of product you choose. The mabati made from good quality material will be more expensive.


Mabati is available in various thicknesses, ranging from 0.35mm to 0.9mm. Thicker mabati is stronger and can endure heavy lots, such as heavy rains and strong wind, but it is more costly than thinner mabati. Before you purchase one, contemplate the load-bearing and the lifecycle of the mabati.


The finishing is another factor affecting the mabati prices in Nairobi. Mabati is available in various finishes, such as pre-painted, plain, and stone-coated. The mabati with a stone-coated finish is always considered more expensive than the mabati with a plain finish. Stone-coated mabati will also be considered to be durable.

Manufacturer and the supplier

The mabati prices in Nairobi vary depending on the manufacturer. Every manufacturer has a different price for their products. On the other side of the supplier, a lot of people would like to buy iron sheets where suppliers offer services that are cost-friendly and also offers after-sales services.

The size of the mabati

The size of the iron sheet is another factor affecting the price of the iron sheet. The larger the mabati tends to be more costly, unlike smaller mabati, which are less expensive.

The color

Different manufacturers produce mabati in different colors, such as red, blue, black, and many more. The color of the mabati can also affect its price. Some pigments may be more costly, depending on the making procedure and the color availability.

Mabati prices can also be affected due to economic factors. In the current age, the price of construction resources has increased due to the augmented cost of living and increased cost of raw materials, among many more.


The above article summarizes the factors affecting mabati prices in Nairobi. Good picking of a suitable mabati is a big decision that will affect all attributes of your construction plan. This is the most important decision when purchasing, starting the building project, or even replacing the older one.

The type of mabati you select will finalize the general appearance of your project. It would be best if you also avoided buying low-priced mabati because they rapidly make you replace them often and make you have more expenses.