There are many types of this kind of pumps according to the mechanism of power usage; these may include solar pumps, petrol pumps, and electric pumps. All these pumps are used to pump water in either shorter or long distances according to their power consumption.

Water is one of the keys needed in our daily lives; sometimes, getting water in some places is complex and therefore needs to be pumped for uniform circulation. The use of pumps has helped make the work easier in water transportation by transporting large amounts of water very fast compared to carrying it to cans and tanks.

Despite being fast and efficient, one may be required to make decisions when choosing the pump. This article helps to select the correct pump according to its use.

Power use of the pump

Pumps use different kinds of power, which may affect their purpose; petrol is one of the powers used to propel petrol water pumps, which is very efficient in irrigation due to its high power. Also, it has a high cost of buying fuel and maintenance; apart from that, the pumps are costly compared to other pumps.

Electric pumps are primarily used for domestic purposes due to the availability of electric power at home, which makes them cheap because their price is affordable and easy to install.

Purpose of the Pump

Before buying anything, one should be able to consider the purpose of the item. Also, this applies to the pumps where one should be able to use the purpose as one its benefit over the other. For example, petrol pumps will be used for irrigation because they are meant for more significant purposes and have high power to pump water for considerable distances and in high amounts.

Also, solar pumps may be used for irrigation when well-installed. It may be solar or electric for home purposes since they are equipped with domestic qualities.

Price of the Pump

Pumps have different prices and are one of the factors when choosing the best. The cost of these pumps increases concerning the increase its price; that is, price pumps have high quality compared to low prices corresponding to low-quality pumps.

In this way, people need to consider how they will use these pumps because hard and heavy work will need a high quality and durable pump hence high price and vice versa.

Type of the Pump

These pumps may either be centrifugal or positive displacement. Centrifugal pumps are potent and use a lot of power when working, so when choosing this kind of pump, one should have complex and cumbersome work. The other type of pump is a positive displacement which uses pistons to regulate water during pumping. It uses low power and is hence economical.


Many people buy water pumps for irrigation without considering some of the factors described in this article and end up buying pumps that may be useless to them. To be on the right track and stop being at a significant loss, I encourage people to follow up on the article before attempting to buy the product.