Are you tired of struggling to cut bones and meat into small pieces? Thankfully, there’s some good news for you as there’s a machine available to help you cut the hassles of blunt knives and other tools you use to cut meat into small pieces with challenges. The invention of the bone cutter makes it easier.

In this post, you’ll understand everything you need to know about it, including its structure.

What is a bone cutter?

A bone cutter is a machine that cuts meat and bones conveniently. It also has multifunctional equipment that supports meat freezing and separates meat from bones. It is ideal for use in restaurants, butcheries, slaughterhouses, and food processing industries.

While deciding on whether to go for bone cuter, it’s wise you have a clear understanding of its structure and market prices to give you a standpoint while bargaining for your budget. Here are some of this equipment’s features

Adjustable pulley

It consists of an adjustable pulley for support and easy and efficient operation. Depending on customers’ order preferences, the pulley is adjustable in width, length, and height. The pulleys also make cleaning easier as they can be removed in the event.

The blade

Forget all the hassles that come with blunt knives and other equipment used to cut meat and bones. The bone cutter machine features a sharp blade that’s efficient for cutting bones and meat hassle-free into the required dimensions and proportions. This blade provides extra power while cutting as its mounts an inbuilt grinder.

In addition, it’s also easy to replace the blade if it gets blunt, which saves time and improves customer satisfaction.

Price of the bone cutter machine

The bone cutter machine price in Kenya ranges according to the supplier and the equipment’s size and type. Others come with additional unique features, which also contribute to different allocation of prices.

The shape of the bone cutter machine

Bone cutter machines are designed in an upright shape to help conserve space where they are placed. It, in turn, creates more space for other equipment in need.

Specifications of the bone cutter machine

The bone cutter machine is made of stainless steel, which means it is not prone to rust and lasts long while handled with great care and precautions. The stainless property is also safe for use and handling with high hygiene standards. Its power is 1100W, which runs the machine sufficiently as it has about 200-240 V. Its dimensions are 50×50×90cm, and it weighs about 30kg to 50 kg.

Application scope of the bone cutter machine

The machine is powerful in that it used to saw freeze sheep, cows, and pigs, among other livestock bones and small pieces of frozen fish, pork, and meat cutting.


  • Avoid placing your hands in the machine while it’s operating
  • Turn off the machine’s power while not in use
  • Ensure you clean the device more often as a proper maintenance tip


You are now in a better position after understanding everything you need about the bone cuter machine and its convenience and usefulness. With its specifications and unique features, you still stand a chance for your planned budget to walkways with one of these machines, depending on your needs. Using this machine outweighs the need for a knife and other equipment with its unmatched efficiency.