Reckless driving behaviors are prone to causing pedestrian accidents whose aftermath results in severe injuries or even fatalities. Drivers and pedestrians must know the possible dangers that reckless or negligent drivers cause. Understanding these dangers will enable all road users to practice caution, prevent accidents, and make roads safe for all users.

A driver or pedestrian is supposed to know the dangers of such ill-motivated behaviors and take measures to avoid them. Suppose everyone adheres to road safety and regulations. In that case, we can prevent all these unnecessary accidents and save the victims from a complicated legal system that might lead them to file a pedestrian accident claim to compensate for their damages and losses.

This article will explore the five types of negligent driving conduct that can lead to a pedestrian accident.

Racing or Speeding

Speeding or road racing is unlawful and is one of the main contributors to pedestrian accidents annually. Involving themselves in these illegal activities of street racing or speeding makes negligent drivers have limitations in their ability to judge correctly, resulting in fatal pedestrian accidents. This calls for all drivers to desist from unlawful practices that can cause pedestrians harm or loss of life.

These practices might require the driver to serve a jail term or incur huge fines to compensate the victims.


Tailgating is when a motorist drives too closely behind another vehicle to intimidate other drivers into giving way and moving out in front of them. The front driver may not notice the pedestrian, who may be crossing the road or on the walkway, and may accidentally hit them.

Intoxicated Drivers

Drunk driving is illegal in the US and is a common form of pedestrian accident. Drivers who drive when intoxicated cannot make an informed judgment, an action that can cause a pedestrian accident. Let us say that if a drunk driver arrives at the crosswalk and the traffic lights command them to give precedence to pedestrians crossing the road, the driver may not judge properly and end up running into pedestrians.

Disregarding traffic laws

Disregarding traffic rules and regulations is the worst negligence a driver can commit. A law-abiding driver is a good citizen, and vice versa. Drivers who disobey traffic rules can cause several pedestrian accidents. Traffic offenders normally fail to yield the right of way, stop at a stop sign, or stop at a red light. Such malpractice can cause unnecessary pedestrian accidents.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving has, in the recent past, caused several accidents as hand-held devices keep emerging. Any driver who handles their phone while trying to receive a call or send and read a text while on the steering wheel can unknowingly hit a pedestrian. It is forbidden to use a phone while driving. Cell phones are not the only distractors but also loud music, conversation with a passenger, and many more.

As a driver, it is essential to remain cautious to save pedestrians from losing their lives or suffering injuries.

In conclusion, negligent drivers can cause unnecessary pedestrian accidents on our roads. Drivers have the mandate of conducting themselves responsibly and operating their vehicles safely, with the understanding that any negligence might cost the life of a pedestrian. Drivers need to recognize the risks that emanate from these unlawful behaviors and avoid them.

It will cost drivers nothing when they stay focused on the road, slow down in areas with high pedestrian traffic, yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, never drive when intoxicated, and avoid risky maneuvers in traffic. Adherence to these safety regulations can help all road users remain safe and healthy.