If you’re looking for an app to watch movies on the go, then look no further. There are several options available, with a variety of different features to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options for you to consider.


Crunchyroll is one of the best apps for anime fans to watch the latest and greatest anime movies. If you are not already a member, you can download the app for free on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

The Crunchyroll app is easy to navigate and offers plenty of features. You can search for shows using keywords, or use filters to find a specific series. You can even read a brief synopsis of the content and see a list of all the episodes in a particular series.


Popcornflix is a free streaming app that offers hundreds of movies and TV shows. Its features include a search bar, subtitles in English and a screencasting option.

It has a very simple interface that makes it easy to navigate. Users can sort content by category, genre and release date. They can also rate content and create a GIF based on the content. The video player has a 10-second rewind feature and a fast-forward button.

Popcornflix is available on Apple iOS, Android, Roku, Sony PlayStation 3, Fire TV, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Kindle devices, PC, Mac, and Linux. However, it’s not available to users outside of the United States and Canada.

Ocean Streamz

Ocean Streamz is a free movie app that delivers the newest movies, cartoons, anime and shows from around the world. It has a simple interface and lets you stream and download content. Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbusters or just something to pass the time, you’re sure to find what you need here.

The best part of the Ocean Streamz app is that it doesn’t require any subscriptions, downloads, or fees. Just like other streaming apps, it supports Chromecast, Xbox One, and other devices. In fact, it has more than 10 thousand live TV channels. This means that you can catch up on your favorite sporting events, news, and other live programming. You can even watch trailers and read IMDB reviews, which is a pretty cool feature.

Dove Channel

Dove Channel is a family-friendly movies app that provides wholesome entertainment. The Dove Foundation curates movies and TV series based on their faith-based values and standards. They are rated and reviewed by certified professionals. There is also a family-friendly filtering tool, so parents can customize the content they watch.

Dove Channel is available for download for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. It offers a free trial. However, a subscription costs $4.99 a month. You can choose between ad-free titles or unlimited content.

Dove Channel has hundreds of movies, documentaries and TV shows, including kids’ programming. They also have a wide range of genres, including biblical stories, family classics and comedies. Some of their popular titles include Kobe: The Life of a Legend, Anthony Bourdain: A Cook’s Tour and Beatles: How the Beatles Changed the World.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a free movie app with the newest movies and award winning TV shows. It’s available on Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Roku. But it’s also a web-based service.

While it isn’t as well known as other services, Tubi has managed to acquire millions of users. In fact, the service has more than doubled in popularity since Fox Corporation purchased it in 2020.

Besides the movies and TV shows, Tubi is also known for its sports channels. Users can watch the news, including the Black News Channel, the CBC, and the WeatherNation. They can also access sports livestreaming from Fox Sports.


If you are looking for a way to watch free movies on the big screen, Plex is your answer. The service allows you to watch thousands of movies and TV shows from across the world for free. It is also available for a variety of platforms, including Android and iOS devices, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Plex is a simple-to-use application that makes it easy to stream your favorite content on almost any device. There are many streaming devices supported by the service, including Roku, Xbox One and Apple TV.

Plex has a library of over 20,000 on-demand movies. The free version of the app provides a limited number of ad-supported movies, but you can opt for a paid subscription if you want more content.


Filmrise is an on demand service that offers a great range of movies and TV shows. The service is free and available on a variety of platforms. It is a streaming network that is backed by partner advertising.

Filmrise is a movie distributor and is one of the largest independent movie distributors in the world. In addition to the huge catalogue of movies, the company also carries a large selection of documentaries, independent films, and TV shows.

There are hundreds of titles that can be viewed on the Filmrise app. You can view movies from a wide variety of genres, including science fiction, comedy, crime, horror, drama, and foreign language.