Most people sent much time online searching and getting services via the internet. According to the FTC, the site must have “prominent View” buttons with the statement. It can search for personnel that have arrest criminal or other sex records. It lets the user end that the person has many records, even when they did not have one. Some people reported they bought subscriptions to MyLife to find out the records. It was first filed against MyLife owner, CEO Jeffrey, and earlier suits and have been settled, accused tinselly using unsavory marketing practices to find out people’s memberships on My Life precursor site. Hence you can clearly understand how to remove your info from my life.

 Three different ways to remove the data from MyLife .com by phone:

  • You can call MyLife and remove the information in a safer manner
  • Press 3 to talk to the respective MyLife operator
  • Customer representatives are out from Monday to Friday

Almost the above three methods about  how to remove your info from my life are safer and let to remove it and effectively.

How to remove information via using Email?

  • You need to send the request to the respective email id, which shared on the website
  • You must ensure and include the MyLife URL in the email; hence the data get out of the same site.

We know that some of the readers had said that when they knew or emailed Mylife .com, they have told that their data could be removed from the site. It is due to public information. Therefore operators must read a type from the script to try and put you off. Then you must have an email back to the site, which never gives the result you need. Then you have to record the overall reference number and save the email due to not needing one more step. Some people succeed using this email method and approve by the lawyer for Team Clark. You must always include the reference number and URL with the profile with correspondence support.

Safer to remove information:

One of the top websites for your name in online searches is typically This website contains astounding amounts of information on you. A casual visitor can see your home address, contact information, wealth, and even the brand and model of your car. After that, they can look up any court cases, liens, lawsuits, or bankruptcies you may have. In the same way, Yelp users rate pizza joints, Mylife also gives anyone who so chooses the opportunity to post a personal assessment of your reputation and character. Disgruntled former coworkers or ex-lovers can publish these reviews anonymously. The first step in removing your personal information from Mylife is to search for your listing on their website if you find any of this upsetting. You can get more than one result if you search for your nicknames, maiden names, etc. When you request that Mylife erase your personal information, include all of them in your request.