Football betting tips


Football is currently the most popular direction in sports betting for click here. But even in this sport, betting on the top championships and having information about the teams, rooting for certain clubs and knowing the lineups by heart, it is not worth placing large bets that exceed 20 percent of the game bank.

Any match, even if the winner is obvious, can end with an unexpected result. There is always a risk of loss, and it is necessary to follow the rules of bank control, according to which bets should be made for amounts no more than 5-7 percent of the bank.

In betting, it is recommended to follow certain strategies. There are a lot of them now, and you can choose a few that are optimal for your game model. At the same time, it is better to practice forecasts first on paper, so as not to risk money.

After gaining valuable experience in forecasting and testing any strategy in practice, you can try to bet on Parimatch football for money, but for a small amount that will not affect the total amount of the pot in the event of a loss.

There are no absolutely win-win strategies, but regardless, they help players increase the probability of winning a bet. By the way, on some types of matches you can bet huge sums of money, reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The main types of bets on football

There are different types of betting on ผลบอลสด matches. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Betting on results. The point is that you need to predict the outcome of the match. A person can choose one of the following options: a draw, a win for the first team, or a win for the second team.
  • Double chance. Here you can decide two options for the result. For example, a person can bet on the victory of two teams at the same time. And then with an 80% probability he will win the bet.
  • Allowance. This bet implies a certain difference in goals scored. The rate can be positive or negative. For example, a person placed a +2 handicap on the red team. This means that the team must not lose more than 2 goals. If the opposing team scores 1 goal, it will have no effect on the bet. If the handicap is -2, it will mean that the football team must score from 2 goals and above. If the team does not do this, then the person’s bet loses.
  • Total – total amount of goals for 1 match. A client of a bookmaker can bet on a greater or lesser number of goals than the specified value. For example, a person bets on a total of less than 4.5. The bet will win only if the team does not score more than 4 goals in 1 match.

How to analyze the upcoming match

By analyzing opponents, their way of playing, comparing members of the team and team play, you can increase the chances of victory. It will be useful to analyze the following information:

  • Teams their success in the world of football.
  • Latest game results.
  • News about relationships in the team.
  • Their motivation and prospects for the future.
  • Coherence of the game.
  • Number of disqualifications.

Oscar Grind

The essence of the strategy is that a person sets himself up to win a certain percentage of money from his total balance. The bet, like the coefficient, can be any. When losing, the bet increases or decreases by various coefficients until the player receives the desired increase in profit.


The essence of the strategy is that the player puts the coefficient “2.00” so that each subsequent bet doubles. If the first bet loses, the subsequent amount will cover the losing bets and bring additional profit.

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