Pipe threading devices are utilized by cutting threads on pipes and conduits. They come in various designs but work under the same principle. The decision to purchase a pipe threading machine is dependent mainly on your intended application and budget.

The focus of this article is to look at some factors affecting the price of pipe threading machines in Kenya. This will help while planning your budget.

Pipe threading devices come in different designs and sizes. Some are manual, while others use power to function. The choice depends on the suitability of your needs. Also, there are portable and free-standing pipe threading machines and the choice still depends on your application and budget. Whatever device you choose will serve the intended purpose.

However, it is essential to be well-informed about the machines’ designs and other key features before you make any decision. Once armed with valuable information about the device, you will quickly take a bold financial step to buy one.

The following are the key things to have in mind before making a financial decision:

The size and design

Pipe threading devices for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses differ in size and design. Large businesses need a more advanced machine than individuals or small businesses. The intended application determines the design and size, and the design and size vary in price.

Portable and free-standing pipe threading machines are two different designs but work perfectly to fulfill the intended purpose. Your preferred choice depends on your application scale and your pocket.


Identifying a reputable brand is vital before you make any financial commitment. You don’t expect to pour your money into something you know little about. It is, therefore, essential to take your time to research a more trusted brand in the market because there are many renowned manufacturers, and you should know each one of them.

A well-established brand guarantees high-quality machine ideal for all your applications, whether pipe production or professional jobs. Also, it will be more accessible to source spare parts whenever repair and maintenance are needed. Depending on the brand, prices tend to vary.

Application type

There are manual and power application types. Your application choice depends on your production scale and the availability of the power supply. If you plan to leverage large-scale pipe production, it is better to consider the power application type. But, still, your budget is subject to consideration

Depending on your preferred application type, choose one more suitable to your needs and within your budget.

Reliability of the machine

Reliability affects the pipe threading machine price in Kenya. You expect to achieve the goal which the device is designed for. The machine is expected to withstand any job you throw at it and should not necessarily shut down. You might work with rigid pipes or conduits like steel, so a reliable machine should not be overlooked.

It would be best to look for a machine that works consistently with any material without interruption or frequent shutdown. Under certain circumstances, a reliable machine comes with a cost.


Purchasing a pipe threading machine that suits your needs is essential. However, it is more important to consider some of the critical factors which affect the machine’s performance and also the cost of the machine. You will arrive at a verifiable financial decision.