Shopping for outfits, shopping accessories, and shopping essentials! That’s what every wedding seems like. But wait, shopping is not limited to buying wedding outfits or accessories. It’s more than that.

How can you forget about the guests? What about their wedding return gifts? While bidding bye to them, you need something to present as a token of appreciation for their efforts to attend your wedding. You ought to search for and buy return gifts for your guests.

The trend of Return Gifts in Indian Marriages

Giving sweets or dry fruits as a return gift is still an existing trend in Indian weddings. But gradually, it’s fading as now millennials prefer to give something usable, decorative, or long-term use items to guests. Therefore, there is a constant search for return gift options that the guest can cherish for a long.

Wedding Return Gift Ideas That are Budget-Friendly

We understand that buying return gifts for each guest at a wedding is a little tricky as it costs you dearly. That’s why we have created a budget-friendly return gift ideas list for you. You can easily find the perfect gift for your guests under 500 INR from the following list.

1. Wooden Keyholder – Keyholders made from wood is sturdy and can be used for hanging keys or other small items like belts, scarves, goggles, etc. Since they come beautifully decorated, they look no less than a masterpiece when hung on the wall.

2. Exquisite Container – Seeking any gift option that your guests keep gazing at? Buy beautiful containers that your guests can use for storage or decoration. Many handcrafted designs look unbelievable. As you scroll for them, you may find different sizes, shapes, and prices, so you can select which seems perfect.

3. Wooden Dryfruit Box – A wooden dry fruit box is both budget-friendly and eco-friendly. The box serves twin purposes – it stores dry fruits, nuts, or candies and is used as a decoration piece on a table. You can find wooden dry fruit boxes in various shapes and sizes, and choose the one that fits your budget and taste.

4. Wooden Tray – Trays are widely usable items in every household. A beautiful piece of the wooden tray can be used to serve tea or coffee or as a decorative piece in the house. You can find incredible tray pieces with gemstones filled that create a gorgeous look. Every time your guests look at it, they will condemn your gift.

5.   Unique Bowl Shapes – A set of unique bowl shapes can be an excellent return gift for your guests. These bowls can be used to serve desserts or snacks. The unique shape of the bowls will add a touch of elegance to the guest’s dining table. You can find various shapes and sizes of bowls that are budget-friendly from Boontoon’s wedding return gifts collection.

6. Crystal Akhand Jyot – If you want to gift something that symbolises divinity and purity, then crystal Akhand Jyot is a perfect option. The Akhand Jyot can light up the house as a decorative piece in the puja room. Shinning crystals on Akhand Jyot look attractive and create a peaceful ambiance in the pooja room.

7. Decorative Coasters – Coasters are good to use to protect the table from spills and stains. Therefore, it is a useful item for your guests. Moreover, if you buy Indian handicraft coaster sets available in incredible designs, they can also become decor items on the table.

8. Gemstone Jewellery Box – You can present a gemstone jewellery box for the lovely ladies joining your wedding. It can be used to store jewellery or other small items. The gemstone adds a touch of elegance to the box and makes it look more appealing.

9. Designer Boxes – Giving a designer box is one of the loveliest return gifts for marriage. The use cases of designer boxes are versatile. But what makes them more remarkable is that they add a touch of elegance to the house. Boxes come in unique shapes and sizes, from large to small and simple to designers; you can find many options.

10. Polished Stainless Steel Glasses – Each guest will treasure a set of Polished Stainless Steel Glasses. Drinking glasses are always used in every house, and you can give a premium-looking set of drinking glasses as a wedding return gift that your guests will cherish for a long time.

Tips To Follow While Buying Return Gifts for The Marriages

While there are many return gift options, you can choose anyone easily. However, when you go to select the one, keep in mind the tips shared below –

●   Quality – The gift quality is the foremost factor you cannot afford to skip. A cheap and low-quality product can leave a negative impression, and that’s why you must consider high-quality products that can last long and positively impact your guests’ minds.

●  Usability – It would be great if you chose a return gift for marriage that your guests can use in their daily lives. Because whenever they look at it or use it, they will remember your special day and your kind efforts in selecting a thoughtful gift.

●  Aesthetics – The beauty of the gift is what appeals to everyone. Although the fact does not apply to all the daily use items. But if you are buying something decorative, you need to consider it.

●  Budget – Defining your budget is imperative before you shop for return gifts. The budget should be reasonable and not too high or too low. Choose gifts that fit the budget and offer the best value for money.

●  Packaging – You make a considerable effort to decide and buy the return gifts for the marriage. Invest 10% of it in packing your gifts perfectly. It is essential to pack gifts well and attractively present them. Good packaging can enhance the overall appeal of the gift and make it more memorable for the guests.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a return gift is somewhat of a challenging task. There are different types of guests; you might have budget constraints and many other issues. However, with this article, you can quickly resolve your problems and select a perfect return gift for the marriage.