The only problem with a game of fetch is dealing with the arm strain. One solution to this problem is buying a ball launcher or thrower for your pet pooch.

This way, your furry baby can have maximum exercise and fun and you minimum pain. Most puppies like retrieving things, especially in an outdoor set-up. It can be a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with their humans, bond with them in the fresh air, and do the thing they may love more than anything – fetching balls.

However, be careful to keep the sessions short and give your poochie ample breaks to rest and come back with more energy. You don’t want to tire out your pet, do you? Excessive game indulgences with little time to recover between sessions can take a toll on your furry little one’s joints. Provide enough fresh water to drink between games to avoid dehydration.

Simultaneously consider being prepared with puppy insurance because accidental injuries are possible when you have an unpredictable and energetic pet around. The best pet insurance comprehensively covers a furry pet’s health, which is why you must contemplate purchasing a policy.

In the meantime, read this article to learn about the different ball launcher types available in the market.

Before purchasing a ball launcher, consider its design, size, and price. Select a ball launcher most suitable for your puppy’s size and energy levels. Some ball launcher equipment suits indoor usage, while others are made for outdoor use. A few can be fragile and break easily, while others are sturdy and durable. So, choose the one that best fits your pup and playing environment.


They are affordable, require some manual work and help you propel a ball further. This apparatus allows you to field the ball a long distance with little stress on your arms and joints and allows your pet to have more fun chasing and retrieving the ball.

You can consider buying this product if you want to throw the ball a longer distance and have no pain or mobility problems but want to make the game more intense for your canine companion.


This equipment is a blast gun that releases tennis balls into the air with/without recoil functionality. Throwing the ball with your hand is a traditional method while launching a ball using a semi-automatic launcher is a modern method.

If you have mobility issues or have suffered an injury but don’t want to compromise playing a game for your pet’s sake, consider buying one.


An automatic launcher is a battery-operated machine that allows your pet to have hours of fetch fun with little intervention from your end. However, you should still train your pet, so it knows how to engage with the machine to avoid injuries.

Let your pup have its share of fun but consider being prepared with puppy insurance so dealing with accidental injuries and other health emergencies is much easier. Contemplate purchasing the best pet insurance so getting medical help during unplanned vet trips need not be as financially stressful.