Are you someone who’s only recently considered getting a firearm, you’re not on your own. Increasing levels of crime in major cities across the US have prompted many others to do the very same thing. However, as a newbie, all the terms you’re bombarded with can make it kinda tough to make a wise decision. As such, we point you towards the Hi Point Carbine 9mm.

Available at a shade under $300, this is a weapon that ticks all the boxes. It’s not the shiniest or the sleekest-looking weapon you’re likely to find on the market, but it does do what it says on the tin. It’s also surprisingly accurate and reliable. 

Hi Point Carbine 9mm Weapons Have the Lot 

Invest in a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) like the Hi Point 995, and you’ll see that it comes ready to go right out of the box. It’s kinda plastic-looking in some parts, and you can see why certain parts of the gun-owning community look down on it. However, we feel that if more people like that tried the Hi Point carbine 9mm on for size, they’d be impressed at what the manufacturer has created for such a low price.

Let’s take a look at just some of the features:

  • A sprung-loaded butt stock – the kick of firing a gun can be quite shocking to those who’ve never used one before, but Hi Point have thought about this fact and done something about it. Their ingenious idea to spring load the butt stock has circumvented the problem, meaning the 995 hardly hits your shoulder at all – a great aspect for beginners. 
  • Upper & Lower Picatinny Rails – while you might not be investing in scopes and lasers from day one, it’s good to know that the rifle you buy is one that can be augmented on an aftermarket basis. The upper and lower picatinny rails on this bad boy give you that ability – which is not something you get with many weapons at this price point. 
  • A threaded barrel again, belying the fact that this is a sub-$300 carbine, you get a threaded barrel right out of the box. This makes it silencer-ready. Of course, newbies don’t need silencers, but can you believe that this little carbine has that ability? We can’t.
  • Ammo is super-cheap – the fact that this Hi Point carbine is rated as a pistol-caliber weapon means that you can use regular 9mm bullets in it. As perhaps the cheapest and most widely sold round in the world, it means getting some firing practice in at the range won’t cost you a fortune. You can also use the same ammo in any handguns you might have. 

The Hi Point Carbine 9mm – A Top Newbie Weapon

All in all, newcomers to the firearms world should seriously consider investing in this great Hi Point gun. It’s affordable to buy, affordable to run, reliable, accurate and comes with a bunch of great features. 

When you first get started as a gun owner, it’s vital to get some practice in. You don’t want the first time you pick up a weapon to be the moment you need to defend your life. The fact that the carbine takes such a cheap round means you can get all the practice you need without worrying about the cost. 

So, whether you’re buying yours for home defence, hunting or plinking, and it’s your first gun, we think you’ll have a great time with the weapon. Even if you don’t, it’s such a low-cost weapon that it’s no big deal if you never use it that much.