As a meeting and event planner, you may wonder how mobile applications can benefit you. There are many different benefits to mobile apps for meeting professionals, and some of them are less obvious than others. For example, event planners can use mobile applications to search for venues by city or type, specify a budget, and add additional services. They can even let attendees buy tickets for the event from their own personal accounts.

While we may think that our mobile phone is a gizmo, technology is constantly evolving, and events are no exception. For meeting and event planners, apps can help them make their events more efficient and create an experience that attendees will remember. These applications can help attendees get the most out of a conference or meeting by providing the latest updates and content, arranging meet-ups, and enhancing the mobile experience at meetings. In fact, 37% of corporate and conference planners are already utilizing mobile apps for their events.

Mobile applications can increase audience engagement at meetings and events by making them more active. Activated audiences provide better feedback, and the corporate brand connects more closely with attendees. With an active audience, events are the perfect place to drive mobile engagement. Moreover, users can use event apps to engage with suppliers via their mobile devices. If they are not already, they can easily download and use an app. It’s easy to get an application that allows meeting and event planners to reach out to their target audiences on the go.

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