We use different types of climbing devices to reach heights beyond our reach. In homes, many people use furniture such as stools, tables, and chairs to access objects on the roof, like when they want to change light bulbs or clean the blots on the upper walls and ceilings. When people need to go to extreme heights on construction sites, they build simple traditional wooden ladders.

However, for convenient, safe, and efficient work, you should go for the expert-made ladders in the market.

Most people take for granted choosing a suitable ladder for their jobs. There is a wide variety of ladders in the market to choose from. However, many people give minimum attention to determining which ladder would work best; the only and main factor mostly considered is the price.

There is no particular ladder for any job, and different jobs require different types of ladders. This article discusses factors to consider when choosing the correct ladder.

The Preferred Ladder Type

You can choose from various types of ladders; figuring out what to pick may be challenging but essential. Stepladders and extension ladders are primarily used in households. There are special ladders, such as cantilever ladders, with better stability and can make reaching hard-accessible places possible.

It would be best to browse for different types of ladders and then choose the style you prefer.

Choose a Suitable Height

How tall does your ladder need to be? Determining the right ladder height may be more complex. There are rules you will need to follow; the rule of thumb indicates that many people can reach about four feet beyond the ladder height. For example, a six-foot ladder would be ideal for one to get to a maximum height of 10 feet.

However, this will depend on other factors, such as the distance between the ladder and the leaning wall.

Determine the Load Capacity

It is crucial to determine the total weight of the person climbing the ladder and the load carried along to know the suitable duty rating you need to purchase. The ratings range from light to special duty. Light-duty ladders are for small weights, but when weight increases, there are corresponding ratings to consider.

Also, the duty rating is essential in knowing where a particular ladder can be used, like in households, commercial and rugged environments.

The Cost of the Ladder

There are numerous ladders for sale in Kenya, so it is thoughtful to consider the price you can offer for a ladder of your choice. Approximating the price will be easier when you keenly acknowledge the abovementioned factors. Choosing a cheap, lightweight, easily portable ladder for household use is best.

Also, if you want a ladder for a long-term goal, consider buying a high-priced heavy-duty ladder.

Choose the Right Material

Ladders are made of different materials, each suited for a specific job. Using a ladder of material for the wrong purpose might compromise the safety of the surrounding people and destroy the properties.

Ladders made of aluminum are lightweight and corrosion-resistant but cannot be used when fixing electricity; aluminum will conduct electricity and can cause accidents. Fiberglass ladders are heavy-duty, weather-friendly, and can be used during electrical works, provided they are dry.


Now that you know how challenging choosing the right ladder can be, it is paramount to consider the above guides. After finding your preferred and suitable ladder, ensure to utilize it safely to avoid accidents and destruction.