If you’re like many people, you may sometimes feel like no matter what you do, you can’t make much of a difference in your world. There are times when the severity of the problems and issues overwhelm you. But don’t lose heart! You can make a difference in your world even by making a difference in the life of one person at a time.

Support Creative Foundations

Begin by looking around for creative foundations that could use your support. The Young Living Foundation, for instance, assists small businesses, promotes education and protects the environment around the world. You can donate directly or offer your support by purchasing Young Living Essential Oils.

Alternatively, you might donate to foundations geared toward your special interests. Whether your interested in animals, the environment, women’s issues, education, disaster relief or employment opportunities, there’s bound to be a foundation that works in these areas. Research online using simple keyword searches to get started.

Remember, too, that supporting a foundation doesn’t always have to involve monetary donations. Foundations are often looking for promoters and volunteers. So contact your favorite foundation, and ask how you can help.

Start a Sponsorship

There are many children suffering from poverty in today’s world. You can’t help all of them, but you can make a huge difference in the life of one or two by starting a sponsorship. Look for an organization like Compassion International, Unbound or World Vision that allows you to choose a child to sponsor. Make sure that the organization is credible by reading online reviews.

Then read about the organization’s sponsorship process. Make sure you can afford the monthly donation (although most organizations offer reasonable sponsorship rates). You’ll be able to provide food, clothing, educational opportunities, medical assistance and other basic necessities for your sponsored child. Most organizations also offer ways to communicate with your sponsored child. This can lead to lifelong connections that enrich both your lives.

Go Local

Maybe you’re looking around your local community and thinking about how much needs to be done close to your own home. Then go local to make a difference in your world. Your local food shelf, homeless shelter or library could certainly use your support. Search, too, for organizations that accept clothing, household goods or other material donations. Some of these pass items along to struggling individuals and families in your community. Others sell them to raise money for good causes.

If you aren’t sure where to start to find a charity in your community, just ask. Your relatives and friends may already be supporting organizations. You can check with your church, school or city for more ideas. When you really look, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make a difference.


You may be thinking that you have so little to give money-wise that your contributions may make no difference at all. This isn’t true. Nonprofit organizations are experts at making good use of every penny. Even the smallest donations are appreciated and put to work. However, organizations also need your time, so consider volunteering.

You might spend a couple days a week (or even a couple days a month) working at your local food shelf, for example. You’ll be surprised by how many tasks need to be accomplished every day. You can stock shelves, meet with clients, handle paperwork or reach out to stores and companies for donations. Whatever your talents, there’s a place for you.

If the food shelf doesn’t seem like a good fit, you might volunteer at your church or tutor kids in reading at the local library. You could work with senior citizens at a senior center, deliver “meals on wheels” or spend time at a nursing home. Be open to giving volunteering a try.

Start at Home

Finally, you may not realize it, but sometimes making a difference in the world starts right at home. You may have a family member who is struggling with an illness and needs extra support from you. Take on extra chores, or just sit and listen for a while. Even if this isn’t the case, be more attentive to the needs of those who share your life. Your love and care might actually make the biggest difference in the world to them.

Never doubt that you can make a difference in the world. So start with one of these ideas.