As part of the UV protection routine, most people know that you’re supposed to wear sunscreen, with some even understanding the need to wear it when it’s cloudy. However, when it comes to oil control moisturizer SPF i.e. products that contain SPF protection, the facts aren’t as clear as they may be in relation to whether these options provide enough of a barrier on their own. 

In answer to that question, they do offer a degree of protection that’s good to have, however, it’s not quite as good as you’d get from a dedicated sunscreen. So, to remove the confusion, we now take a peek at why you’re best off using both.

Why Oil Control Moisturizer SPF Shouldn’t Be All You Use

The fact is moisturizers can be quite pricey, so you want to get the most out of them. There may be days when a moisturizer is too claggy for your skin, particularly when the weather’s warm and you may sweat. Furthermore, when you sweat, it can degrade the protection your moisturizer or sunscreen provides – and most moisturizer SPF products won’t be water/sweat-resistant.

A good SPF-rated moisturizer is great for everyday wear, for sure, as it allows you to get everyday protection. However, in the scenario we just mentioned, oil control moisturizer SPF isn’t going to give you quite the barrier you need to avoid sun damage. 

Great For the Eye Area

One area in which SPF moisturizers do come into their own, however, is around the eyes. This delicate skin around the eye is not the easiest area to which to apply sunscreen, and your eyes need regular moisturization. So, it’s a rather neat solution to use regular sunscreen on the rest of your face and keep some SPF moisturizer handy for those delicate eyes. 

There aren’t many things quite as painful as burnt eyelids, so you do need something to protect against it. That said, when the sun’s got its hat on, and you intend to spend much of the day out exposed to its warming yet dangerous rays, we’d always recommend using a bonafide, 100% sunscreen.

You Still Need Some Oil Control Moisturizer SPF

Ok, so we’ve come to the conclusion that you really can’t do without owning some sunscreen, we’re by no means saying that you should avoid investing in SPF-rated oil-controlling moisturizers – far from it. All we’re saying is that it’s not the only product you need. To get all-around protection, you kinda need both, especially if you want every part of your skin to remain young-looking. 

Our advice is to get a good-quality mineral-based sunscreen for you and your family to use, as well as some SPF moisturizer to keep in your day bag or travel bag. That way, you have everything you need for every kind of occasion. 

As part of your daily skincare routine, an SPF moisturizer can be used to provide a baseline of protection, with sunscreen taking care of the rest. It’s a simple approach that will keep your skin safe.