A thong is an undergarment that is worn to complement some clothing. It is a type of underwear that consists of triangular coverage in the front and just a thin string to connect the waistband around the material. Many women prefer wearing it under a particular set of clothing as they will not show above the clothing when worn.

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Why Choose Them?

Here are some strong reasons that can make you choose this undergarment.

  • Comfort

Thongs are the best choice to go with many types of clothing such as fitted skirts, yoga pants, bodycon dresses, and many other such choices. When worn, you can avoid showing the panty liners like the other undergarments. These are available in many materials and you can choose one that feels comfortable on your skin.

  • No Panty Liner Visible 

When a bodycon dress is worn, your buttock will show the panty-liner, if you wear a normal panty with full buttock coverage style. It is when the thongs are the best choice. They just have a thin strip coverage on the back, and hence there are no chances of you showing any panty liner even when you wear fitted jeans or a dress.

  • Sexy Undergarment 

Thongs will not have any coverage in the buttock region and this factor makes them the sexy lingerie to wear for some special occasions. Since there is no uncomfortable feeling when worn, thongs are the best choice to enjoy effortless self-confidence and sex appeal throughout the day.

Why Not Wear Them?

Here are some reasons that might make you think twice before wearing the thongs.

  • Discomfort, Chafing, and Cutting 

Not all feel comfortable wearing thongs. Experts suggest rotating them with your regular panties as they can cause cutting, chafing, and also discomfort when worn for a long time. People who love complete buttock coverage can keep them for some special occasions.

  • Indents on Skin 

You will feel the indent of the thongs on your skin after wearing them for the whole day. Hence, many avoid wearing them, especially during the period days.

If you love wearing thongs, then you should understand that you should not make a habit of wearing them the whole day or even continuously. While choosing a thong for you, go with the options that have a size larger than your actual panty size.

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Thongs are the best choice to pull off some clothing that comes with body fitting features. Check them thoroughly and find the right choice for your attire.