When can you notice a child’s first interest in an activity? How to understand what the child wants? What are the guidelines for choosing a club? And is it possible to give a child in several circles at once? Kirill Yurovskiy, a father with many children, will help answer these questions.

At what age does a child first become interested in a particular activity?

– The first signs of interest in an activity in a child can be traced from the age of three, at the earliest. Up to the age of six, a child learns the world through play. All he needs is maximum opportunities to play, touch, touch, try different things to taste, to color, to texture – so he is developing sensory skills, fine motor skills and understands what is more interesting to him. Children are ready to perceive foreign languages from the age of three. It is considered that in the period from three to six they can easily master two languages. But in general, the learning period begins at the age of six or seven. Then classes can already become classroom-based.

How to choose a sports section?

– Active children who find it hard to sit in one place need running sports – soccer, volleyball, athletics, something like that. Also swimming pools are recommended to them. Because water relaxes them and gives them a chance to release physical energy. Children who are more shy, withdrawn, closed would do well in martial arts, so that they feel their body, their strength, so that they do not feel so shy in front of their peers. You should be careful when sending your child to a group at an early age, such as figure skating where they take very young children. The loads there are enormous, and when school starts and there are four or five training sessions a week, it’s not easy for a child. Not all children are able to cope with such loads.

What should you do if a child gets cold to the chosen activity and asks to go to another club?

– A child of six, seven or even ten years old may not have the same abiding interest. During the whole period of school up to 15-16 years should be allowed to try different types of activities. Let him look for himself, let him try different kinds of activities at the time when it is possible to do it as fully and safely as possible. Because in adulthood there is neither energy nor time left to do dancing, or drawing, or sports, or anything else. Physical development should definitely be. Already what kind of sports – games, contact, fighting, or it will be dancing – it doesn’t matter. Even if a child likes something, you shouldn’t stop at one thing, you should try new sports.

Is it possible to go to several sections at once?

– The maximum number of circles and sections is individual. Some pull four or five in parallel with school and ask for more. And some have a hard time even going to one or two. You should look at your child. As a rule, children go to several sections in September, and by the middle of the year their strength wears off. You need to understand this and give them a break, and make them have days off. For example, you can set a schedule: once or twice a month we skip school for no obvious reason, or we don’t go to school. You should be loyal to the child’s abilities and not force him or her. Be in more contact with him so that the child can see that his parents understand him.

What should I do if my child refuses to go to a section or club?

– There can be spasms. And in this case you need to support the child, tell him how proud you are that he goes to this section. If there is resistance, you don’t have to put pressure, otherwise the child might withdraw and not want to go to the section at all. When it comes to schoolchildren, take into account that they sit in class for 5-6 hours at a desk, working intellectually and little movement. First of all, you should choose a sports club or dance club. The rest – music school, drawing, robotics, aircraft modeling – can be added to the child’s desire. To make sure that the child is not tired in the evenings, and cope with school homework, be sure to have some exercise. It seems to parents that if they send their child to the soccer field after school, it will be overworked. No, on the contrary. While the body works, the brain rests. Negative emotions and stress are released through physical activity.

How can you wean your child from “sitting on the phone” for hours?

– Offer other kinds of recreation. If we take away the phone, we should offer an alternative: play together in the fresh air, in board games, checkers, chess, or go to a club. It’s very good for such children-homeless kids who spend time on the phone, to go to the section for the company of a friend from the yard, from the class. It doesn’t even matter what kind of activity, just the company, and the child is not so afraid. Parents in turn should help children, unite them. And at eight, and at ten, and at twelve years old a child should be helped to get organized. Suggest options, where, with whom, in what circles he can go. The child is not so independent to learn something, to enroll somewhere, so you have to help a little. Also remember that children take as an example from their parents. If mom has a schedule for the evening – the gym, pilates, cross-stitching – the girl will see this and want to be like her mother. Until adolescence, there is this tendency. Boys look up to their dads. If the family is active, if they have walks in the evenings, jogging, then the child will be drawn to it.