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Trang chủ New88 has long been known as a prestigious betting venue with top quality. After many years of operation, the house brand is still growing and is always at the top. The following introduction of New8869 will help you better understand this useful playground. Do not miss it!

1.Introducing New8869 and the history of the house’s development

Home page New88 is a betting brand that has been known in the market since 2006. As one of the bookmakers under the famous entertainment group Premier Gateway International. The unit is trusted by a large community of players when it has been legally licensed by the government.

Introduction New8869 is one of the biggest and most familiar dealers of New88 Casino. The site operates with the motto of fairness, transparency and highest safety. Last year, the bookie was honored to receive the Asian Operator of the Year award from the international online betting association.

This prestigious betting playground receives a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the community. Most players commented that New88 is one of the names worth investing in at the moment. So what advantages does the house possess that are so appreciated? Follow the article to get specific answers!

2.Why do players choose New8869 as an investment address?

Introducing New8869 – one of the longtime official dealers of the house in the Southeast Asian market. Worthy of the region’s top online casino with the following great advantages:

2.1 Introducing New8869 – Quality sponsor with prestigious partners

New88 casino is a big brand and has the absolute backing of the parent company. The bookie is currently sponsoring many of the world’s top football clubs. Many big stars have also become brand ambassadors and introduced New8869 to international friends.

Lionel Messi – world football superstar has raised the house brand after many years of attachment. Recently, New88 has also spent a lot of money to cooperate with Luis Suarez. Promote the name of this playground and attract more investment contracts.

2.2 The warehouse of quality entertainment products has no weaknesses

Coming to the house, you will surely be overwhelmed by the richness of the game store. Dubbed the big brother of the betting village, the game store at New88 always leads the trend and attracts a huge number of players. Experienced gamers have reviewed and introduced New8869 as one of the most worthy destinations to try.

In addition to the quantity, the quality of betting products is always guaranteed by the house. The system will always update the trend to bring its members the latest and most satisfactory products. Talking about the entertainment store, really New88 at this time has to be called without criticism.

2.3 Modern and luxurious interface design

One of the most attractive points of this playground is the interface. The home page is deco and designed very luxuriously and professionally. With two main black orange colors, exuding youthfulness and aristocracy for players. The 3D investment image is extremely realistic, bringing the most harmonious colors.

The functional layout on the gaming page has also been refined and streamlined. Helping new players to easily get used to the first time they experience it.

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2.4 Introducing New8869 with absolute security system

Safety is always a concern for many players when participating in online betting. Concerns about whether this is a safe playground to invest money, personal information is protected or not. The answer is absolutely 100% safe.

Introducing New8869, it is impossible not to mention the security with advanced encryption technologies that the system applies. This has helped most players feel more secure and put their faith in the experience. All customer information will be encrypted and the best security.

2.5 Super-fast payment transactions in “one note”

The issue of payment is something that has been favored by the house since the early days. New88 customers when coming to experience will find the excellent services here. The trading system supports many different methods for players to choose from.

Introduction New8869 is a big brand, so it has also been associated with many big and small banks. This helps to shorten the customer’s transaction execution time to the maximum. Save quite a bit of your time when starting to bet.

2.6 Customer care 24/24

With the motto that the customer is king, the New88 call center always ensures to bring the best experience. The team of consultants at the house is extremely powerful, ready to serve you 24/7. In addition, the system also supports players to communicate through many different media channels such as: Botchat, Hotline, Fanpage, Zalo and Telegram.

Through the recent introduction of New8869, you must have understood better about this prestigious betting playground. What are you waiting for, visit now

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