Online Slot Machine For Beginners


Slots are one of the easiest games to play. Whether you’re using a physical machine or an online replica, the concept is easy. You “insert” a coin, spin the dials and wait to see what the results are.

To keep the game interesting, online gambling sites often include mini-quests, “gotcha” moments, or unique results. 

Although each type of game will have its own story, we have created a guide to help you navigate the basics of each one.

How To Play Online Slot Machines

Many online casino slots offer a free mode as well as a paid mode. The game is exactly the same, however, you aren’t able to win money on the free version.

No matter which game you play, there are always 5 aspects that remain the same; reels, paylines, symbols, jackpots, and payouts.


The reels are the spinning element of the game. Whether online or in person, they are always called reels. Each game will have an odd number of reels, normally 3 or 5, but you can also get games with 7 or 9 reels.

When you play the game, the reels spin and then stop. When they stop they show a symbol (which we will explain later).


The paylines are the winning combinations. You will see them on the side of your online screen. Most paylines include matching symbols in a row, but they may also allow other formats.

Using poker as an example, 4 cards of the same suit are considered a great hand, but holding an ace, king, queen jack and 10  of diamonds is better.

Bringing you back to slots, some symbol combinations will be worth more than others, this will be explained in the paylines sheet.


The symbols in the game will reflect the aesthetic of the game. Is the theme pyramids? The symbols may consist of mummies, Egypt, pharaohs, and so on.

Some symbols in your game will be called “wild” while others are “bonus”. “Wild” symbols are basically used as a blank. They can look like whatever you need them to look like, making it easier for you to win. “Bonus” symbols will either increase your winnings or offer another free spin.


The jackpot is the largest amount of money you can win in the game. For most machines, you can only win the jackpot if you play the maximum amount of games or payments. Essentially a large wager gives you access to a large payout.

Some games won’t have one large pot, instead, they have a progressive jackpot. This means the more people that play this game, the larger the jackpot becomes. When someone eventually wins the jackpot, the pot is brought back to a low figure, growing with each game until another winner takes the load.


Simple games will have simple payouts. For example, you may only receive a payment if all the symbols match, no matter what the symbols are.

However, most games are more complex than this.

To make sure you know exactly what you need, read the payout tables before hitting play. These will tell you the number of bonuses available, the different types of winning combinations, and how to achieve free spins.

These details can also tell you how much to bet or when to back down.

The Best Online Slot Machines For Beginners

When you’re playing for the first time you want a simple game that instills excitement for the gamble.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is a simple game with around 20 different paylines. Although that may feel like a lot, the basic premise is still simple.

Divine Fortune is the perfect game for players who need a slow pace platform but want to expand quickly after. This is because the mechanisms are simple, but as you improve you can start using their additional spin features.

The game includes 3 rows of 5 reels. The character faces are the highest-paying paylines, while the Ancient Greek letters are the lowest-paying paylines.

The theme is Ancient Greece, and the animation is engaging without being distracting.

Chicken Fox

Chicken Fox is a quick game about a fox trying to get as many chickens as possible. The concept is simple, but it’s faster than Divine Fortune creating a higher level of intensity.

Again it uses 3 rows of 5 reels. The character images are worth more than the letters, with the Wild Lady earning a payline of 400x your bet.

The animation is cute, the imagery is cartoony, and although the game is fast-paced it is very simple – great for a beginner.

Lightning Leopard

Lightning Leopard has 3 rows of 5 reels with 40 payline options. The theme is set in an American snowy wasteland, and you play as a leopard chasing wild animals.

This game has higher payouts while remaining simple in concept.

Final Thoughts

Slot machine games are simple. The most complicated part of the gamble surrounds the payout table. The game will tell you if you’ve won, so you don’t need to know the details to play, but understanding the difference between one symbol and another can help you build a strategy.