Overview of Microsoft AZ-104 Azure Administrator Certification


AZ-104 Azure Administrator guide is here for you to perfect your study approach!

The guide includes some tips and resources on how to get started, along with connections to useful websites that might offer additional sources to official exam subjects, books, courses, and even mock exams.

If certification is not in your mind now, you can still opt for the AZ-104 course, as it helps you gain knowledge to become a better Azure Administrator.

What is the AZ 104 Certification ?

The AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification is entry-level certification from Microsoft designed to focus on helping learners get hands-on experience with the Microsoft Azure environment. The exam will test your knowledge of how the cloud works and how to use your technical skills based on Azure to implement solutions to create your applications.

Upon completing the course and getting certification in hand, you will be able to work in various roles across the platform, including computing, storage, networking, security, and other cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure. The AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification is not as difficult as it may seem. While there are some features that you may not be familiar with are covered in the guide, including core concepts that you need to handle customer storage, network, and other Azure services in an operations team.

AZ 104 Exam

Exam Prerequisites

  • General knowledge of IT architecture
  • General knowledge of Cloud Computing
  • Understanding of deploying and managing Azure compute resources
  • Configuration and management of virtual networking
  • Understanding on-premises virtualization technologies like virtual networking, VMs, and virtual hard disk drives.

Exam Description

Is it challenging for you to pass the AZ-104 exam?

Worry not!

We advise checking out these summaries before taking the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam. These summaries can assist you in comprehending complex exam patterns and syllabus material that will be helpful on exam day.

Exam Name: AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification
Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
Type: Multiple Choice Examination
Number of Questions: 40–60
Exam Fee: USD 165
Passing Score: 70%
Eligibility/Prerequisite: Fluency in core Azure services, governance, security, and workloads
Exam validity: 2 years
Exam Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Indonesian (Indonesia)

What you’ll learn in AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator

  • Manage Azure subscriptions
  • Safeguard user identities
  • Manage infrastructure, set up virtual networking, link Azure and on-premises sites
  • Control network traffic
  • Implement storage solutions
  • Build and scale virtual machines
  • Integrate web applications and containers, back up and share data
  • Administer Azure using the Resource Manager, Azure portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and ARM templates
  • Administer Azure App Service, Azure Container Instances, and Kubernetes.
  • Monitor the Azure infrastructure with Azure Monitor, Azure alerts Log Analytics and Network Watcher.

How to Prepare for the AZ-104 Exam?

1. Check Microsoft Official AZ-104 Exam Page

The first step is to check the Microsoft Official AZ-104 Exam page. It is a good idea because you will find out what the exam will cover and what topics one needs to be prepared for. The most crucial information, such as eligibility requirements, exam prerequisites, exam objectives, exam registration fees, exam scheduling alternatives, etc., are covered in detail upon the change in the year 2020 in this guide. You can also check the official website for practice questions available that can be used as a reference when preparing for the exam.

2. Understand the Exam Topics

Keep yourself updated! Understanding what is expected from an employee/ candidate who wants to join a company that offers IT-related jobs is essential. Focus on the skills required to pass the exam and consider reading them to clarify the subject matter and keep following the learning path. Read through all the topics and ensure you understand them thoroughly before taking the exam.

3. Practice with Simulators and Mock Exams

The structured way has been chalked out for you to work through the curriculum and increase your confidence to prepare and pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate exam. Create and configure web applications, monitor your azure platform, and utilize Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. It is best not to spend too much time studying because it can come back and bite one later when it is time to take the test! However, if necessary, spend as much time as necessary on practice tests and lab sessions until you feel comfortable with all of the topics before taking the exam!