Overview of the Salient Aspects of Microsoft Azure Migration


Microsoft Azure is often used in the Microsoft 365 implementation software suite. Microsoft 365 implementation software suite is a productivity platform powered by the cloud. This software suite includes applications like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, One Drive, and Outlook. The user can get started with free mobile and web applications. He can also upgrade and avail of a premium plan to access more applications, more storage space as well as more features. When we talk about Microsoft Azure Migration, we imply using the software to avail an easy migration, optimization, and modernization service using Azure. Microsoft Azure Migration involves pre-migration steps like evaluation, discovery, and right-sizing of resources that are on-premises and are included in the data, application, and infrastructure of Azure software. 

What Are the Salient Aspects of Microsoft Azure Migration?

This section of the content write-up provides an overview of the salient aspects of Microsoft Azure Migration. There is a framework for such migration that allows for the integration of various third-party software programs. The Microsoft Azure Migration is known to provide the following:-

Unified Migration Platformm

The Unified Migration Platforms is a portal where the software user can start and run as well as track the migration to Azure.

Tools Range

The tools range is used for migration and evaluation purposes. The Microsoft Azure Migration tools incorporate Azure Migrate. They do discovery and evaluation, migration as well as modernization. The Azure Migrate software can also integrate with other Azure tools and services. They can also integrate with the products of other independent software vendors. 

Evaluation, Modernization, and Migration

By using Azure, the user can evaluate, migrate as well as modernize the following:-

  • Software tools are used to assess databases, servers, and web applications and migrate them to Azure.
  • With Azure, users can assess and migrate web applications to Azure application services.
  • Azure facilitates assessing and migrating databases and database instances. Databases or database instances are migrated to SQL servers. 
  • The software is used to migrate voluminous data promptly and cost-effectively.
  • The software user can utilize Azure to assess virtual desktop infrastructures and migrate them to Azure virtual desktops. 

Microsoft Azure Migration Tools and Applications

The Microsoft Azure Migration uses a set of tools and applications. This section of the content write-up discusses them in brief. Following are discussed few Azure Migration tools:-

Discovery and evaluation tool

There is a discovery and evaluation tool in Azure Migrate. This tool is known to assess as well as discover VMware VMs, physical servers that are there for migration. The tool makes sure that the web applications and web databases are ready for conducting the migration. Besides, the tool calculates the size of Azure SQL configurations, Azure VMs, number of Azure VMware solutions that are available for post-migration. The tool also helps in estimating costs, identifies whether there are any cross-server dependencies, and strategies for optimization while migrating servers to Azure that are interdependent. 

Migration and Modernization Tools

With the migration and modernization tools, one can migrate servers to Azure. 

Tips for Selecting Assessment and Migration Tools

This section of the content write-up discusses a few tips for selecting assessment and migration tools. The user of Azure Migration needs to select the software tools for migration or assessment from the Azure Migration Hub. 

  • The user is required to get a license or register (free trial) and adhere to a set of instructions corresponding to the tool. 
  • The tools part of the Azure Migration Hub has options to connect with the Azure Migrate. The user is required to follow the tool instructions to get connected.
  • The user is also needed to track migration across the tools that he is using from the project. 


Microsoft Azure Migration is a relatively new technology. A few aspects of the technology are covered in this content write-up. To know more about the software, visit relevant resources that are available online.