The beautiful Oahu is the most populous island of the Hawaiian archipelago. The capital is Honolulu. Due to the small area, you will see all the famous landmarks and cultural centers. Oahu created a convenient infrastructure for tourists. Thus, no matter what kind of recreation you prefer, you will find how to spend your leisure time with joy. Below, we will suggest the five locations to attend hitting the Hawaiian roads.

Iolani Palace, Honolulu

It is the unique royal palace in the USA. Earlier, it was a former residence of local monarchs and the seat of the government afterward. The building of the architectural complex began at the 19th-century sunset. Later, in 1978, the building turned into a museum with an adjacent park area of 4 hectares. Most recently, the local government proceeded with a complete reconstruction. The two-story Iolani Palace with a 4-story tower in the building’s center preserves a library, jewelry, household items, and the bedroom of Queen Liliuokalani.

Thus, many tourists visit it every day. If you want to attend it too, you may rent a car or call a taxi and drive to 364 S King St, Honolulu. Iolani Palace is not far from the Hawaii State Capitol. You can devote the day to getting acquainted with local history and culture. Walking down the city streets, turn to the Honolulu Museum of Art or the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

Pearl Harbor

Everyone has ever heard of the infamous landmark in Oahu’s south, the naval base Pearl Harbor. Even if you do not know history very well, the story of that place is illustrious. Many books and movies devote attention to it. Now, this unique historical monument brings people memories of the tragic events of 1941. For the sake of the numerous sailors and civilians who suffered during a shocking battle with the Japanese troops, the memorial stands. That is worth coming and seeing the old warships. That is vividly important to educate children to know the past to save the future. Get acquainted with the prominent attractions are the museums of the military base, the legendary battleship Missouri, the submarine Bowfin, and the Museum of Aviation. How to get there? The road from Honolulu airport to Pearl Harbor takes about 3 miles. You can ride by bus or a rental car in Hawaii. By the way, what is the age to rent a car in Hawaii? The minimum age is 18 with extra surcharges, which suppose you are a more responsible driver for paying them.

Mount Tantalus, near Waikiki

Fans of hiking and nature should climb Mount Tantalus. The height of the mountain is two thousand ft, although walking up does not require any special skills or equipment. Do that to enjoy and relax actively. To get there, arrive in Waikiki. Take a drive from McCully Street to the mountain. You will park a car in the rest zone at the entrance. 

Besides, a magnificent panoramic view of the capital waits for you on the top. The trail will take about 40 minutes. You will meet different people on the route. According to the official timing, the Tantalus Lookout closes before 8 pm in the summertime and at 7 pm in wintertime. The zone is under protection, and there is security to assist people and not let them lose there. Yet, it is impossible to spend a night in a tent there, but you can observe a sunset.

Waikiki, tourists zone

Oahu is a paradise for all lovers of surfing,  water-skiing, and just active pastime. We are talking, of course, about the world-famous Waikiki beach. It stretches for 15 miles near Honolulu. Start your way at the entry to the Ala Wai channel and go to the Diamond Head top. Waikiki essentially consists of six beaches flowing one into the other. The westernmost of these is called Kahanamoku, after a famous local surfer. This place is well suited for enjoying waves and plenty of sunbathing. The descent into the water is gentle here, and the coastline is the broadest of all Waikiki beaches.

Polynesian Cultural Center

To embrace the indigenous vibe and learn a lot about local culture, reach The Polynesian Cultural Center. That is a family-run tourist attraction and museum located in Lai, on the north coast of Oahu. Car rental services allow getting there effortlessly. The complex contains six Polynesian villages with local cuisine restaurants and daily shows. For instance, attend an annual competition in which participants exhibit the skill of possessing fire knives. Then, head to a lagoon to find a canoe. That time of relaxation is utterly unforgettable. Besides, if you take a guide, you will listen to many interesting stories about these places.

Hawaii is a fabulous land on earth. You will adore it at first glance. Use our itinerary and add your destinations to the list. Have the greatest journey there!