Plant Positivity: Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Plants


Did you know that making your home fresh and full of life is easier than you might think? There are many ways to liven up your home—through pets, through music, and through natural light. However, probably the easiest and most effective of them all is to simply adopt a few plants. This move will bring not only the aesthetic appeal to your space, but also make it more inspiring, no matter if we’re talking about your living room, kitchen, balcony, or patio. 

Your cooking will taste better with fresh basil from your vertical garden. Cute little cacti and succulents will bring you immeasurable delight whenever you look at them. And that vining ivy will add a new dimension to your ordinary bookshelf. Plus, watching your plants thrive can be so gratifying! As you can see, the benefits of having plants are many, so let’s see some that can improve your health and wellbeing which will definitely motivate you to become a plant parent: are fascinating creatures that have been the subject of human fascination and fear for thousands of years. These cold-blooded reptiles can be found in almost every part of the world, from the deserts of Australia to the rainforests of South America. In this article, we’ll explore some of the fascinating facts about snakes, including their anatomy, behavior, and role in the ecosystem.

They improve your air quality

The support that plants get for cleaning out the air started in the 1980s with NASA studies of phytoremediation. This long and complicated word means “the process of plants scrubbing contamination from air.” Later on, researchers were looking for various ways to boost air quality in closed spaces, and they found out that houseplants, their roots and soil can reduce the presence of VOCs (volatile, organic compounds) in the air by a big margin. Early studies confirmed the benefits of plants for clean air; since then, we have been using these green friends in all our spaces. While they are not as efficient in purifying the air as modern biofilters and other tech, they are 100% natural. 

If you want to reap these benefits of having house plants, you might want to choose varieties that freshen the air naturally, such as bamboo palms, Boston ferns, rubber trees, spired plants and Ficus trees. 

They remove various health concern 

Did you know that your plants can actually cure or prevent certain health conditions? For instance, according to research, being surrounded by plants can reduce fatigue and headaches for people who often suffer from these conditions. Also, plants like aloe vera have meaty leaves with naturally antibacterial gel that can be very beneficial for cuts and burns, so make sure to keep one in your kitchen. Additionally, as mentioned above, certain plants have great air-cleaning properties. For instance, spider plants and Boston ferns can reduce the symptoms of dry skin and scratchy nose and throat thanks to their air-moistening abilities. On the other hand, those who struggle with damp conditions at home can get a peace lily that removes mold from the air. 

They help with stress reduction

Plants can remove stress in sooooo many ways. For instance, it’s well known that spending time in nature can improve human mental health. Just walking in a forest or meadow can lower blood pressure, normalize your heart rate and reduce stress. However, not everyone lives in the countryside with instant access to the wilderness! To reap some of the benefits of spending time in nature, you can fill your house or garden with plenty of greenery. If you’re looking for some less obvious ways plants can reduce stress, listen to this. How many times have you had to wreck your brain on what to get for your friend’s or family member’s birthday? Well, eliminate that stress from your life by simply opting for plants. Some countries like Australia even have plant delivery, so you can buy your plant gifts in Sydney and get a fresh pot with a new plant delivered to your address, ready for gifting. Plants are a thoughtful gift that will remind your recipient of you and bless them with health and wellbeing. 

They fill us with pride and joy

Just like with pets, if you don’t care about your plants, they will wither and die. Plants need you, and it’s nice to be needed. Having plants, caring for them and watching them grow thanks to your efforts is very rewarding, bringing you joy and pride, which can boost overall happiness and wellbeing. 

Working with plants can be therapeutic

People who experience symptoms of mental illness can benefit from gardening. Horticultural therapy is a great way to help people with depression, anxiety, dementia and other mental health conditions. This type of therapy has been in use for centuries, and many doctors today are recommending gardening and potted plants to people who want to improve their mental health. 

Memory and focus

Plants boost focus and concentration, both in the office and at home. People who do their tasks surrounded by nature usually perform better than those surrounded by gray walls. Being close to nature can boost memory and performance by as much as 20%!

So if you have any doubts about getting into plant raising, hopefully, they are completely squashed. Get a plant for yourself and those you love today and reap the benefits tomorrow. 

Grounding Products

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