Renewable Energy by Country Ranking – How Countries Are Implementing Renewable Energy


To calculate the use of renewable energy, Compare the Market analyzed 21 countries and examined their use of climate-friendly energy sources. While Germany uses a relatively high proportion of renewable energy, it has been reducing its reliance on coal and has been making massive investments to meet EU targets. In the first half of 2019, Germany used more renewable energy than any other country in the world. The results of this study were outlined below. Read on to learn how countries are implementing renewable energy in their economies.

The United Kingdom ranks first in the global clean energy proportion, with over 40% of power coming from wind. The United States ranks tenth in the clean energy proportion, less than half of what it does in the UK. It also uses three times more coal than Germany. However, the continent of South Africa ranks fifteenth in renewable energy use. Despite being in the world’s top 10 for clean energy, South Africa has relatively low levels of renewable energy.

In terms of renewable energy by country, China has the highest share of renewable energy capacity. In 2017, it had the largest solar PV and wind capacity. China has also committed to reaching 35% renewable electricity by 2030 and attempting to clean up its polluted air. In addition to having plenty of natural resources and ample sunlight, Morocco is betting big on solar power and is planning to produce half of the country’s electricity by 2020. While the world is advancing rapidly in renewable energy, developing countries still face challenges.